Leasing rail land

 KiwiRail manages approximately 18,000 ha of property associated with the rail network. Our main aim is to use railway land in ways that supports freight and passenger rail traffic. We also consider leasing or other interim uses for railway land that is not currently used for operations.


Commercial Portfolio

 If you are interested in leasing land or buildings from us for private or commercial purposes please contact our Leasing Team. 


Auckland and Northland


Central North Island


South Island and Wellington Region

Simone Hadley, Property Lease Manager - Ph +64-4-495 9047 - Email Simone.Hadley@kiwirail.co.nz


Encroachments in the Rail Corridor

An encroachment relates to third party use of the rail corridor for commercial, residential, beautification or farming purposes. Two of the most common examples are historic agreements for farmers to graze stock and the occupation of land adjoining the corridor by householders. Should you wish to obtain an encroachment licence please contact:

  • Darryl Blakemore, Property Administrator - Ph: +64-4-474 2335 - Email Darryl.Blakemore@kiwirail.co.nz
  • Alison Cashin Megan McKinstry, Property Administrator - Ph: +64-4-498 3253


A Grant of Right is a written agreement between KiwiRail (the Grantor) and the person requiring access over the railway (the Grantee) who is usually the adjoining land owner. These rights are granted under Section 35 NZ Railways Corporation Act 1981, an Act that empowers the Corporation through KiwiRail to grant rights over, or under, any railway land subject to such conditions and payments of rent as the Corporation thinks fit.

Contact:  grants@kiwirail.co.nz