Expect trains

- Rail Safety Week 2016, 15–21 August


Rail Safety will be in the spotlight in August during Rail Safety Week an the Australasian-wide initiative to raise awareness about rail safety and encourage safe behaviour around trains and tracks. KiwiRail and TrackSAFE NZ are proud to support the week which runs from 15-21 August.

Every year there are hundreds of near misses between vehicles and trains – and every one of those is, in reality, a ‘near hit’.  If you'd like to get involved you can find out more at http://www.tracksafe.co.nz/media/rail-safety-week

Rail Safety Week is an annual Australasian campaign which aims to increase awareness of the need for people to take care around the rail network. This is the 10th year the campaign has been run in New Zealand. Each year a number of stakeholder organisations come together to promote the key messages to target audiences and ensure the event is a success.

It aims to improve awareness of the need to be safe around the rail network, and what safe behaviour is. While Rail Safety Week is held from 15-21 August 2015, the goal is ongoing safer behaviour around the rail network.

This year’s key message is ‘Expect trains’. It aims to address complacency and distraction which are known factors that contribute to unsafe behaviour around the rail corridor. It will encourage people to stay alert around the rail network, whether at a station or a level crossing. 

Additional rail safety messages include:

• Trains are frequent (and can come from any direction)

• Trains can travel at any time of the day or night

• Trains can come in quick succession

• Trains are heavy

• Trains are fast

• Trains can’t swerve or stop in a hurry

• Trains have right of way

• Rail safety is everyone’s responsibility




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