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Infrastructure and Engineering Team

After a recent restructure the Infrastructure and Engineering team is now responsible for all network maintenance, upgrades and infrastructure projects, and for rollingstock maintenance, refurbishment, design and build.

Rick van Barneveld, General Manager

Rick van Barneveld leads the Infrastructure and Engineering team. He was the Chief Executive of Transit New Zealand prior to joining Evans & Peck where he worked on a project to plan, design and construct a 215 kilometre railway in Queensland.

Senior Management Team

  • John Skilton, Regional Manager Central - Email
  • Stephen Collett, Regional Manager Northern - Email
  • Neil Campbell, Regional Manager Southern - Email
  • David Gordon, General Manager Network Performance - Email
  • Murray Hood, General Manager PMO - Email
  • Rob Whight, General Manager Engineering and Standards - Email
  • John Holloway, Network Financial Controller - Email
  • Kevin Morgan, HR and Safety Manager - Email
  • Karl Bouterey, Hutt Workshops Manager - Email
  • Andy Bissett, Hillside Workshops Manager - Email

Locomotives Team


Danny Topia, North Island Manager - Email
- Danny Topia, Acting Service Manager Westfield (Auckland) - Email
- Tom Rusher, Supervisor Te Rapa (Hamilton) - Email
- Darren Giles, Supervisor Mt Maunganui - Email
- Robin Kerr, Supervisor Palmerston North - Email
- Russell Wells, Service Manager Wellington - Email


David Borlase, South Island Manager - Email
- Carl Bamford, Site Manager Middleton - Email
- Grant MacKenzie, Site Manager Linwood - Email

Wagons Team

John O'Neill, National Wagons Manager - Email
- Mark Madelin, Service Manager Northern (Westfield) - Email
- Paul Hubbard, Service Manager Eastern (BoP) - Email
- Tony Langridge, Service Manager Central (Palmerston North) - Email
- Alan Hill, Operations Manager Southern (Christchurch) - Email

Infrastructure Team


Stephen Collett, Regional Manager Northern - Email
Gavin Smith, Service Manager Northern - Email
Nigel Thompson, Signals and Telecommunications Asset Performance Manager - Email

Auckland Area
- Peter Ramsay, Auckland Area Manager - Email
- Gloria Buddle, Area Administrator - Email

Hamilton Area
- Peter Dix, Hamilton Area Manager - Email
- Sarah McDonald, Area Administrator - Email

Hamilton South
- Wayne Stewart, Hamilton South Area Manager - Email
- Jo Milham, Area Administrator - Email


John Skilton, Regional Manager Central - Email
Mike Lewis, Materials Coordinator (Otaki/New Plymouth/Palmerston North) - Email
Mark Stratford, Materials Coordinator (Woodville to Wellington) - Email

Wellington Area
- John Humphrey, Wellington Area Manager - Email
- Inga Abolins-Thompson, Area Administrator - Email
- Vaiata Mitchell, Administrator (for Permits to Enter) - Email

Palmerston North Area
- Croydon Lowcay, Palmerston North Area Manager - Email
- Kathy Preston, Area Administrator (for Permits to Enter - Waikanae to Owhanga) - Email

East/West Area
- Grant Jenkins, East/West Area Manager - Email

- Rebecca Allison, Planner (for Permits to Enter - Marton to New Plymouth, Palmerston North to Gisborne)
- Rebecca Poutu, Area Administrator - Email


Neil Campbell, Regional Manager Southern - Email
Kamal Narang, Acting Service Manager - Email
Sean Moran, Signals and Telecommunications Asset Performance Manager - Email
Ann Hitchings, Regional Administrator - Email

Greymouth Area
- Liam Fay, Area Manager - Email
- Beverley Owen, Area Administrator - Email
- Ken Moore, Field Engineer Maintenance (Permits to Enter) - Email
- Adam Stanford, Materials Coordinator (Greymouth) - Email

Christchurch Area
- Wayne Ramsay, Area Manager - Email
- Cheri Bai, Area Administrator (also Permits to Enter) - Email
- Kyra Pritchard, Part Time Area Administrator (also Permits to Enter) - Email
- Murray Blair, Materials Coordinator (Christchurch) - Email

Dunedin Area
- Brian McAllistair, Area Manager - Email
- Howard Mason, Area Administrator - Email
- Kevin McAlevey, Field Engineer Maintenance (Permits to Enter) - Email

Buying Secondhand Material

From time to time second hand rail material is available for sale. These materials are surplus to requirement and are available for farmers, contractors, private rail operators and members ofthe public to purchase. The most common materials are:

  • Second hand timber railway sleepers
  • Used railway iron
  • Second hand concrete railway sleepers
  • Various railway track fittings
  • Surplus minor plant and equipment

For purchases contact:

Area enquiries see below

- Dunedin Howard Mason - email or call ++64 3 466 3153
- Christchurch Murray Blair - email or call ++64 3 339 3955
- Greymouth Geoff Bromley - email or call +64 3 769 8214
- Otaki/New Plymouth/Palmerston North/Ohakune/Napier Mike Lewis email or call ++64 6 3516875
- Wellington to Woodville Mark Stratford - email or call ++64 4 498 2136
- Northern Region - Taumarunui/Mt Maunganui/Hamilton/Auckland Vanita Kutia - email