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22 April 2014

KiwiRail’s 150th Anniversary container project has won a gold medal in the Exhibition Stand category in the annual New Zealand Sign and Display Association awards.

11 April 2014

Repairs to the Stena Alegra hull damaged this week in high winds are progressing well.

8 April 2014

The first of KiwiRail’s DL locomotives returned to service today, with more to be re-introduced over the coming weeks.

2 April 2014

A visually stunning advertising campaign combining New Zealand scenery, Kiwi-Samoan tenors, and a soaring 19th century aria has significantly boosted KiwiRail Scenic Journeys market penetration.

1 April 2014

The $500 million project to electrify Auckland’s rail network reached its most significant milestone moments ago when the Prime Minister and KiwiRail staff officially energised electric rail infrastructure into Britomart, New Zealand’s busiest transport centre. 

27 March 2014

KiwiRail will operate special rail services for its Northland customers this weekend and is reminding motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to take care at level crossings in the region. 

17 March 2014

KiwiRail is confident the level of risk from exposure to airborne asbestos in its DL locomotives is minimal, following completion of a second round of testing in New Zealand, the results of which were also validated by an internationally recognised occupational medicine expert.

7 March 2014

Laboratory testing of samples taken by an independent tester indicates that no airborne asbestos fibres or asbestos dust has been found to be present in 33 of the 40 Chinese built KiwiRail DL locomotives.

4 March 2014

Testing of 33 of the 40 DL Locomotives has been completed and sent for analysis to an accredited laboratory. The full results are expected by the end of this week. The locomotives were grounded last Friday, after confirmation was received that a sound proofing compound used in them contained asbestos.

3 March 2014

KiwiRail expects to begin considering  results from testing of its  DL Freight locomotives  tomorrow, after receiving confirmation late last Thursday that a small percentage of asbestos had been used in a soundproofing compound.

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