New rail maintenance machines arrive in New Zealand

31 July 2013 4:04PM

KiwiRail has unloaded shipments of six brand new rail maintenance machines from Australia and the United States.

KiwiRail’s General Manager, Network Performance, David Gordon says, “The three new Ballast Regulators and three new MK VI Tampers, are expected to be in action on the New Zealand rail network within the next three months.”

Mr Gordon says, “The ballast regulators shape the ballast stones that support the track while the tamper machines pack or “tamp” the ballast under the track.  If this foundation is not properly formed and maintained, the track above wears out more quickly and the ride is rougher for people and freight.”

He says, “These state-of-the-art machines, manufactured by Harsco Rail, are equipped with the latest technology and we’re very much looking forward to putting them to work to support our rail maintenance programme.”

“They have the advantage of advanced computerised operating systems and the reliability we can expect from brand new machines.”

He says the machines cost $12 million to purchase and replace six machines which had given sterling service but are now 30 years old.

“This is an investment in improved performance of our national rail network.”


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