KiwiRail Chief Executive highlights sh67 level crossing upgrade

20 June 2014 2:02PM

KiwiRail Chief Executive, Peter Reidy, today visited the West Coast with a message that drivers should take care near level crossings.

 “Obey the warning signs, and look in both directions for trains. Listen, be aware, pay careful attention to your surroundings, and always ensure there’s space on the other side of the crossing for your vehicle.”

Mr Reidy was speaking at SH67, near Granity, at the latest West Coast level crossing to be upgraded by KiwiRail.

He was joined by Buller District Council Mayor, Garry Howard, TrackSAFE NZ Foundation manager, Megan Drayton, Granity Constable, Greg  Sherie,  and several KiwiRail General Managers.

Although collision free since 1996, road and rail traffic levels at the crossing were significant, and new flashing lights and bells had recently been installed to replace the crossings passive signs.

Mr Reidy said everyone had a role to play to ensure safety around level crossings.

“Motorists should always be prepared to stop when approaching a level crossing and look in both directions to check the way is clear of trains.

“What many people don’t realise is that it can take a train up to a kilometre to come to a stop,” Mr Reidy said.

Of the 97 public road level crossings on the West Coast five had half-arm barriers, flashing lights and bells, 27 had flashing lights and bells, and the remaining 65 were protected by ‘Stop’ or ‘Give Way’ signs. 

Mr Reidy said a level crossing at Lake Brunner Rd will shortly become the 28th West Coast crossing to have flashing lights and bells installed.

More information:  Helen Corrigan, KiwiRail Senior Communications Advisor, 0274 359 464.

See  for further  information on level crossing safety.