Arahura safely in Wellington berth – power not lost on board

06 November 2014 11:11AM

The Interislander ferry Arahura is safely in the Wellington berth and is discharging passengers and freight.

The Master shut down power to the vessel’s propulsion shafts after they were not responding to inputs from the instruments on the bridge.  The vessel did not lose power to her shafts. 

The incident occurred while Arahura was lining up for the berth on arrival from Picton shortly before 10 this morning, with 61 passengers on board. 

The Master had dropped both anchors and engaged the services of two Wellington tugs to secure the vessel while power was restored to the shafts. 

Successful tests have since been carried out on Arahura’s ability to travel forwards, backwards and stop, and she has been assisted into the berth by the Wellington pilot. 

An investigation has been launched into the issue and Interislander will be working with Maritime New Zealand and TAIC to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

Arahura’s scheduled departures from Wellington at 1030 and 1830 have been cancelled and passengers and freight are being transferred onto other services.  The safety of passengers, crew or the vessel itself was not at risk at any time.