Wellington Railway Station Earthquake Resilience Work

Work is now underway to strengthen Wellington Railway Station for earthquake resilience.

Wellington Railway Station Seismic Project

Earthquake strengthening of the historic Wellington Railway Station (WRS) reached its first milestone in July 2015, with the first stage of repairs and strengthening complete.

KiwiRail, Wellington City Council and the Heritage Places Trust started the joint project in July 2014, and have so far repaired and strengthened the truss ceiling in the building’s atrium, clock tower and unreinforced masonry walls while preserving the building’s unique features and heritage.

This work provides a great opportunity for KiwiRail to partner with local organisations to preserve this iconic Wellington building for future generations.

Stage two of the project is well underway, with work now focusing on the strengthening the building’s internal stairways and masonry ducts.

Contact Details

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the KiwiRail Project Manager, Stephanie Campbell on: Stephanie.Campbell@Kiwirail.co.nz OR

Work hours: 04 494 3671

Afterhours: 021 2439149

For Media Enquiries: 04 498 2038

Further Background

Wellington Railway Station is considered to be an Importance Level 3 building (IL3).  IL3 buildings are generally buildings where large numbers of people can congregate in one space.  What this means in practice is we are designing to a higher seismic performance level due to the higher numbers of occupants.

Remediation will result in WRS being rated between 47-55 per cent of New Building Standards (NBS) at LI3 and classified as Earthquake risk, which will then align with the KiwiRail Buildings Earthquake Policy and KiwiRail’s Zero Harm policy.

The project will undertake a traditional construction procurement process with a registration of interest (ROI) for main contractors to create a shortlist of suitably qualified contractors who will then be asked to tender for a fixed fee contract.

The project will be funded from the 2015/2016 Earthquake Resilience capital budget.