Working near electricity

Some parts of the rail corridor are electrified, and have traction overhead wires.

It is dangerous to come too close or to touch overhead electrical equipment. This could cause injury or death by shock or burns.

In order to keep everyone safe and avoid any damage to property, we require anyone working within four metres of an electrified area (including traction poles, overhead wires, substations or switchgear equipment) to have an Electrical Safety Permit or Permit to Work Near Railway Power Lines.

This permit will detail safe approach distances, voltages, work method restrictions, safety information and emergency contact details.

Training in Electrification Awareness may also be required.

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Important information when applying for a Permit to Work Near Railway Power Lines:

  • Permit applications MUST be received at least two weeks prior to your proposed access.
  • The Electrical Safety Permit is in addition to the Permit to Enter, which is required by anyone working on KiwiRail land.
  • The permit will be issued to the person in charge, who MUST remain on site. He/she must sign the Permit and accept responsibility for ensuring that all people on site abide by the permit conditions.
  • When work is complete, the permit must be cancelled by the person in charge signing and returning it to the KiwiRail traction or electrical person who issued it. Non return of the permit will delay restoration of power.
  • In addition to the permit, anyone working in electric traction areas may need to attend a KiwiRail Electrification Safety Awareness course and hold current validation, or remain under supervision of a designated KiwiRail person.

To begin the permit process, please contact your local KiwiRail network office