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We want to be a good neighbour to people living and working along the rail corridor. We’re one of the country’s largest landowners and count thousands of New Zealand households and businesses as our neighbours.

Our land includes more than 3500km of rail corridor and hundreds of level crossings, rail yards, container terminals, depots, stations and offices. We operate rail services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We partner with many organisations to keep New Zealanders and freight moving. These include local councils which fund the metropolitan rail services, and Auckland Transport and TransDev which operate them; organisations and individuals who lease our land; and the contractors who maintain our infrastructure.

Our operations have an impact on people living and working along the rail corridor. Some impacts, like train noise, are unique to our business. Others, like boundary fences and growing vegetation, are common to many neighbourhoods. Still others, like litter and graffiti, are community issues that affect areas seen as ‘public’ spaces.

We work hard with our partners and local communities to minimise these impacts. The information on these pages will help you understand the issues involved and how we manage them:

 To report an issue, contact us here.

Report Something

To report level crossing emergencies and faults, blocked railway lines or damaged overhead wires, please call the Emergency line: 0800 808 400