Graffiti is very common along rail corridors in major cities around the world.

It is a community problem and our approach is to partner with local community groups to work on our behalf to remove graffiti as soon as possible after it occurs. Where possible we also install suitable plants and erect fencing and signage to deter trespass.

In many cases the graffiti is on our neighbours’ property rather than our own (e.g. a building backing onto the rail corridor). In this case we work with property owners to ensure they can remove the graffiti safely.

In Auckland, KiwiRail and Auckland Transport are working together to remove graffiti. KiwiRail is removing graffiti that affects the safe operation of our network (e.g. graffiti on signal boxes). Auckland Transport is responsible for removing other graffiti. We are happy to refer your issue to them.

Reporting graffiti

Graffiti is a crime and if you see someone putting graffiti on KiwiRail property please call the police immediately.

If you see graffiti on railway property please contact us here.

A mural of race car driver Bruce McLaren overlooks the rail corridor in West Auckland. The mural, painted by Tauranga artist Owen Dippie, is part of a drive to reduce graffiti and deter trespassers from the rail corridor.

Mural 960x540