Litter and Pests

Litter can be an issue in places on our rail network.

Much of the rubbish in our rail corridor is illegally dumped there – sometimes in big quantities.

Where we are aware of problem areas on our network, we work with local councils and communities to try to resolve the issue. Where we can identify who owns the rubbish, we ask them to reimburse our costs.

Please advise us if you come across an issue and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

As our staff are normally busy with scheduled maintenance tasks well ahead of time, they may not be readily available to remove the litter.



If you discover a wasp or bees nest in the rail corridor, please contact us.

If pests like rats and mice are a problem, your quickest solution may be to lay baited traps yourself at your boundary. 

However, if you cannot do this or cannot do this safely, please get in touch.