Trespass and vandalism

KiwiRail manages over 4,000 kilometres of track in New Zealand. The track and the land surrounding the tracks is called the rail corridor. Unless you have a valid permit to be in the rail corridor you are trespassing and putting your life in danger.


Trespassing is the leading cause of deaths on the railway because:

  • Trains are heavy
  • Trains are fast
  • Trains cannot swerve or stop.

Where to cross

The only legal/proper place to cross tracks is at a properly marked crossing. Please remember, short cuts can kill:

  • All railway tracks and bridges are private property
  • Anyone walking along or crossing tracks, not at a proper crossing, is committing an offence and can be prosecuted
  • The maximum fine is $10,000.

Reporting trespass and vandalism

Please call the police immediately if you see:

  • Person(s) or vehicles acting suspiciously
  • Person(s) committing a criminal offence: theft of railway property,vandalism of railway property,graffiti of any railway corridor building or rolling stock, trespass