Steel Wheels

Moving freight on rail brings with it an intrinsic value. To clearly illustrate this KiwiRail has developed Steel Wheels which summarises KiwiRail's overall positive contribution to New Zealand's logistics and supply chain industry.

As a graphic depiction of the role KiwiRail plays in New Zealand's freight supply chain it shows: the number of rail trips undertaken; reduced heavy vehicle road impact by using rail to shift freight, and the resulting fuel and CO2 emission savings, relative to the same volume of freight travelling by road.

Steel Wheels also includes information by sector.

Rail freight benefits everyone - less trucks on our roads means cleaner air, less greenhouse gas emissions, less congestion and fewer accidents. Those moving freight to rail are helping to create a safer and healthier environment for us all and for future generations.

KiwiRail's new DL locomotives gives us the capacity to run a 2000-tonne train with a single locomotive. Put all that freight onto road and you'd need up to 70 trucks.

And what's more, these fuel-efficient locomotives meet stringent EU-standards for emissions.

They are being used on all our busiest freight routes in the upper North Island. This includes hauling time critical services between Auckland and Tauranga's busy port, and carrying logs and timber products from the central North Island's forests.

KiwiRail is getting closer to its goal of providing a fully intermodal service to customers. Such a freight service will provide customers greater flexibility when moving goods around the country and beyond, and allows us to transfer freight more efficiently between rail, road and ferry.

Steel Wheels is updated monthly and you can download the current report here.

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