Sustainability Report

KiwiRail produced its first sustainability report for the 2014 financial year. As a first report it provides some context around the business, and our view of sustainability while providing a summary of the year’s activities in line with our business model.

As this is our first report we would love to receive your thoughts or ideas for improvement. Email us at

Sustainability Report year ending 30th June 2014

Materiality Process

We initially determined a long list of potentially material matters. This included internal interviews with key managers, a review of our core business documents including risk registers, business plan, statement of corporate intent, engagement surveys and brand analysis. We also looked at media commentary, external reports of relevance and reviewed sustainability reports from similar organisations both within New Zealand and internationally.

From this list we narrowed it down through a quantitative assessment of how we saw these issues impacting on the business (financial, compliance and reputational) and their relationship to our business plan. This was balanced by our perceptions of what stakeholder groups would be interested in. While we undertook a survey to confirm stakeholder views we recognise that capturing stakeholders views is going to be an important part of future reports.

The top material issues are shown within the Sustainability Report with a description of each of these. They are addressed throughout the remainder of the report.