Catch the Northern Explorer at Auckland’s new Strand Station

04 December 2015 11:11AM

The Northern Explorer’s Auckland arrivals and departures will shift from Britomart to the railway station on Ngaoho Place in the Strand starting on Monday 21 December 2015. 

Head of Customer Engagement and Scenic Journeys, Gavin Rutherford, says that the Northern Explorer will arrive at Britomart for the last time on Sunday 20 December. 

“The Auckland Metro network is undergoing significant development which may well include changes for train services using Britomart. Therefore KiwiRail has taken the opportunity to set-up our own purpose-built facility at the Strand.”

“We are advising customers of the change in stations and also that the train will continue running to its current timetable.

“Departure and arrival times in Auckland will not change and people will be able to purchase tickets at the new check-in facilities which will be up and running for the 21st. There is also drop-off zone for buses and cars at station on Ngaoho Place as well.” 

“Customer service and safety of our passengers and staff is important to us so a shuttle will be available to take people who have arrived at the Strand in the evening back into town,” says Mr Rutherford.

Scenic Journeys staff will be on-site to provide information for Scenic Journeys customers and they can also visit our website at


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