Over Dimensional Loads

Oversized (or over dimensional) loads are larger than normal road loads. Oversized loads can cross the railway, but a permit is required.

Railway crossings are designed so that normal sized vehicles have clear views or warnings of approaching trains. Oversized or overweight vehicles need extra safety measures, as they may take longer to travel across a level crossing and require protection for the period of the crossing. For some loads it may be necessary to move railway equipment, like bells or overhead wires. Supervision by KiwiRail staff may also be required.

Each level crossing is different and some sections of track have height, weight or width restrictions, such as those with overhead wires. The permit system helps us keep the rail network safe.

Your permit will include:

  • the point and time where you can cross;
  • required protection measures, such as temporarily moving barrier arms or raising wires or traction required;
  • communication with our train control team to ensure safe timing and so we know you have crossed safely

To obtain your Permit

For more information

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