Utility Services

The rail corridor can be used to carry utility services. For example, gas pipes, water pipes, electricity cables and telecommunication cables can run along or across the rail corridor.

We manage access to the railway with a permit system as well as co-ordinating conditional approval and the documentation of property rights for new works.

If you are a utility company or local authority wanting to access your services you must apply in writing, well in advance of the proposed start date as it can take up to 30 working days to process your request. Send it to:

The Grant Administrator
PO Box 593
Phone ++ 64-4-495 3000

There will be an administration fee and other fees depending on the services required, such as protection from trains for work teams.

The information contained in the below pdf file must be provided with the application.

Information you need to read

Information that should be contained in your application refer to C-SP-AE-64322 Installation of Utility Structures on Railway Land (pdf file here)

Application for Grant (pdf file here)