15 March 2017 12:12PM

A KiwiRail ballast tamper has arrived in the South Island  to assist in the restoration of the Main North Line (MNL) railway linking Christchurch and Picton.

07 March 2017 2:02PM

KiwiRail is warning motorists and others that maintenance trains and other rail vehicles are about to start running on the Main North Line between Picton and Christchurch.

01 March 2017 9:09AM

KiwiRail is expecting to re-open the Midland line between Christchurch and Greymouth ahead of schedule on March 20.

21 February 2017 1:01PM

The first major demolition project in the programme to restore the Main North Line linking Picton and Christchurch is about to get underway.

17 February 2017 10:10AM

Scaffolding has been put in place on the most severely damaged bridge on the Christchurch-Greymouth line between Cass and Springfield as work to reopen the line gathers pace.

10 February 2017 4:04PM

Concern is increasing over the number of people ignoring KiwiRail warnings to stay off the South Island’s Main North Line.

07 February 2017 2:02PM

The Christchurch-Greymouth line between Cass and Springfield is still closed because of a fire.

05 February 2017 9:09AM

The Christchurch-Greymouth line between Cass and Springfield is still closed because of a fire.

04 February 2017 5:05PM

A fire on the Christchurch - Greymouth line between Cass and Springfield has closed the track.

02 February 2017 11:11AM

Replacing and repairing bridges badly damaged in the Kaikoura earthquake is a key part of the next major phase in the rebuild of the Main North Line.

22 December 2016 10:10AM

A joint operation, led by NCTIR alliance partners KiwiRail and NZTA, has enabled the successful removal of freight goods from service 737, the train that stopped in a tunnel north of Kaikoura on the morning of the 14 November earthquake. The goods are now being trucked to Kaikoura before being relocated to Christchurch.

15 December 2016 10:10AM

KiwiRail will work to restore freight services for customers on the Main North Line from Picton to Christchurch as soon as possible with work beginning immediately, Chief Executive Peter Reidy says.

17 November 2016 9:09AM

All passenger services in Wellington are again up and running just three days after rail services were disrupted by a severe earthquake, strong aftershocks and extreme weather conditions. 

14 November 2016 4:04PM

KiwiRail advises all lines north, east and west of Palmerston North, and the Midland Line between Rolleston and Greymouth are now open.

14 November 2016 11:11AM

KiwiRail Chief Executive Peter Reidy will be available to update media on the state of the rail network and Interislander ferries at 2pm today.

14 November 2016 11:11AM

KiwiRail advises that the Kaiarahi ferry has now berthed in Picton and is unloading its passengers, following earthquake damage at Picton and Wellington ports. Port authorities have now cleared one berth for use though the terminal has sustained damage and remains closed.

14 November 2016 9:09AM

KiwiRail advises that rail services are now running between Christchurch and Invercargill.

22 June 2016 1:01PM

Safety on a Tawa level crossing is about to be stepped up, with KiwiRail set to install voice message units at the Collins Avenue crossing.

14 March 2016 3:03PM

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are being warned to take care at railway crossings as more trains travel through the region. A change in train schedules will see the reintroduction of Saturday trains along the East Coast Main Trunk line from mid-March and KiwiRail is urging the local community to be alert. 

18 December 2013 4:04PM

A smoother ride for passengers and freight is just around the corner as KiwiRail’s rail grinder makes its way into Christchurch this summer.

18 December 2013 3:03PM

KiwiRail staff will be working around the clock during the holiday break to complete essential maintenance tasks on the Wairarapa and Hutt Valley Lines. 

12 November 2013 1:01PM

Representatives from Greater Wellington Regional Council, Porirua City Council and the Ministry of Transport joined KiwiRail and contractors to celebrate the raising of the first traction mast in a major electrical upgrade project on the Kapiti Line today.


17 October 2013 11:11AM

KiwiRail accepts the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) findings on the Staircase-Craigieburn incident and the factors that impacted on the train controller’s performance on the day.

16 October 2013 2:02PM

Auckland rail network signalling operational

08 October 2013 11:11AM

A smoother ride for passengers and freight is just around the corner as KiwiRail’s rail grinder makes its way into Wellington along the North Island Main Trunk line.

27 September 2013 11:11AM

An upgrade for Kamo Road level crossing, Whangarei

09 September 2013 11:11AM

A safety campaign has been launched this week warning Aucklanders they won’t get a second chance if they get too close to the overhead wires which will power the city’s new electric trains.

31 July 2013 4:04PM

KiwiRail has unloaded shipments of six brand new rail maintenance machines from Australia and the United States.

12 July 2013 8:08AM

KiwiRail inspections have identified minor damage to the sea wall along the Ngauranga-Petone section of the rail line as a result of southerly swells and stormy weather since Wednesday.

11 July 2013 11:11AM

New flashing light and bell automatic alarms have been installed at the level crossing at the south end of the settlement of Tokomaru in Horowhenua.

11 July 2013 11:11AM

New automatic half arm barriers have been installed at the Lagmhor Road level crossing in Ashburton.

11 July 2013 11:11AM

New flashing light and bell automatic alarms have been installed at the Creyke Road level crossing near Darfield.

24 June 2013 2:02PM

Badly washed-out sections of track along Wellington’s foreshore have kept KiwiRail crews busy day and night in an effort to restore rail services after Thursday’s devastating storm.

21 June 2013 1:01PM

Latest updated from KiwiRail 21 June 2013, 1:10pm

21 June 2013 10:10AM

Latest update from KiwiRail dated 21 June 2013, 10:30am

19 June 2013 10:10AM

KiwiRail staff and contractors have been working steadily to clear slips and remove debris from around bridge piers at multiple sites on the Main South Line (between Christchurch and Dunedin).

18 June 2013 3:03PM

Flooding incidents have closed the Main South Line (which runs between Christchurch and Dunedin) and the line between Dunedin and Balclutha.

18 June 2013 9:09AM

Flooding incidents have affected kilometres of rail line south of Timaru on the Main South Line (which runs between Christchurch and Dunedin) as well as south of Dunedin.  Flood water has covered the tracks between Studholme and Glenavy, at Whitecraig, Hampden, and at several sites between Dunedin and Balclutha.  Further flooding has occurred south of Dunedin at Allanton.

09 May 2013 9:09AM

New flashing light and bell automatic alarms have been installed at the Raleigh Street level crossing, located just south of the Greymouth freight terminal on the Hokitika Industrial Line.

09 May 2013 9:09AM

New flashing light and bell automatic alarms have been installed at Palmerston’s Stour Street level crossing.

11 March 2013 10:10AM

On 25 August 2012 an incident occurred in the Kaimai Tunnel where contractors’ staff became exposed to carbon monoxide. KiwiRail takes safety seriously.  An investigation was undertaken subsequent to the incident and all recommendations were immediately implemented.

14 February 2013 4:04PM

Unfortunately Mr Twyford’s statement titled “KiwiRail admits lack of maintenance led to wash-outmisinterprets the issue.


15 January 2013 9:09AM

KiwiRail is satisfied that the figures in our report are robust and our view remains the same - if we thought we could run a commercial operation on that line we would be doing so.

04 January 2013 11:11AM

KiwiRail is continuing to assess and repair damage, caused by the storm earlier this week, at a number of sites on the West Coast. 

10 December 2012 10:10AM

A project which transformed New Lynn’s rail infrastructure has received the Supreme Award for New Zealand Engineering Excellence.

03 December 2012 11:11AM

Consultation with Hillside staff on the impact of changes to Hillside Workshops has been completed with the following confirmed:

21 November 2012 9:09AM

A smoother ride for passengers and freight is just around the corner as KiwiRail’s newly commissioned rail grinder makes its way along the East Coast Main Trunk line.  The RR24M-30A Rail Grinder, owned and operated by global contractor, Speno, extends the lifespan of the track through smoothing and removing defective metal from the railhead, resulting in longer lasting rails.

15 November 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail apologises for disruption caused to rail commuters by two unrelated incidents on the Auckland rail network in the past 24 hours.

02 October 2012 10:10AM

The Napier to Gisborne line is to be mothballed due to the prohibitive costs to both repair storm damage caused earlier this year and maintain the rail line over coming years.

24 September 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail has today confirmed the future structure of its Infrastructure and Engineering business.  The final decision follows KiwiRail’s June announcement that its resourcing levels would be reviewed and weeks of consultation with staff and other stakeholders across the country.  As a result, the total number of staff reductions has been revised to 158 - 23 fewer than initially planned.

10 September 2012 10:10AM

Drivers and pedestrians throughout Auckland can cross the railway tracks more safely now that all road and pedestrian level crossings on the Auckland rail commuter network have been fitted out with automatic alarm systems.  The announcement comes as upgrades to Takanini’s pedestrian level crossings, where warning bells and flashing lights were installed, were completed last week.

24 August 2012 12:12PM

Reports that we have something to hide because we sought an injunction to prevent media reporting on the leaked Infrastructure and Engineering Business Plan are extremely frustrating, says KiwiRail Chief Executive Jim Quinn.

17 August 2012 10:10AM

KiwiRail, the Police and Kaiapoi Borough School are urging pedestrians to use the underpass on Adderley Terrace to access the school grounds from Fuller Street and vice versa.

06 August 2012 9:09AM

Consultations with KiwiRail’s Infrastructure and Engineering (I&E) staff across the country about proposed staff reductions will continue this week,” says Chief Executive Jim Quinn.

01 August 2012 4:04PM

Chief Executive Jim Quinn said today that KiwiRail have discovered that some imported wooden sleepers are showing signs of premature decay.

19 July 2012 8:08AM

Additional safety measures in the form of half arm barriers were installed at the Purnell Street level crossing in Wanganui this week. It is the first crossing to be upgraded by KiwiRail this financial year.

18 July 2012 4:04PM

A contract to deliver a specialised rail grinding machine to New Zealand was signed by KiwiRail and Australian firm Speno last week.

15 June 2012 1:01PM

On Friday afternoon a work crew near the Wellington Rail Yards were surprised to find their maintenance work was being observed by a seal who had ventured near the tracks.

06 June 2012 9:09AM

Public road level crossing collision figures have hit an all-time low as we observe International level crossing awareness day on 7 June.

01 June 2012 1:01PM

Last night KiwiRail’s Hutt Workshops took out the ACC best practice award at the Wellington Gold Awards held at the TSB Arena.

27 April 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail has concluded its preliminary investigation into the power outage at its National Train Control Centre (NTCC) in Wellington which caused widespread disruption on the Auckland rail network yesterday afternoon.

19 April 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail is seeking expressions of interest for the sale of our Dunedin-based Hillside Workshops business.

13 April 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail engineers have completed the assessment of the damage to the Napier to Gisborne line and have reported it will cost between $3.3 and $4.3 million to repair and take approximately five months to complete.

11 April 2012 9:09AM

Over the Easter break a major milestone was achieved on the Kapiti Line with the replacement of the last stretch of old overhead wire through the tunnels south of Paekakariki, says Infrastructure and Engineering General Manager Rick van Barneveld.

10 April 2012 10:10AM

A wider Mt Wellington Highway bridge was opened to full traffic in the weekend after more than three months of rebuild works.

30 March 2012 2:02PM

Additional safety measures in the form of flashing bells and alarms were installed at the Walkers Road level crossing in Rolleston this week.

30 March 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail says it  could take a further two weeks to fully assess reinstatement options for the section of the Napier- Gisborne railway line extensively damaged by heavy rain in the region last week.

27 March 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail is assessing reinstatement options for the section of the Napier- Gisborne railway line extensively damaged by heavy rain in the region last week.

14 March 2012 9:09AM

Interislander – the country’s leading Cook Strait ferry operator – has announced a major new partnership deal with Rowing New Zealand that will mean great rates for any crews crossing the Strait for regattas in the North Island and the South Island.

03 February 2012 8:08AM

A brand new Morrin Road rail overbridge was opened to vehicles and pedestrians this week, 12 days ahead of schedule, to the delight of neighbouring businesses and motorists.

27 January 2012 11:11AM

A  further milestone will be reached on the electrification of Auckland rail network this weekend with the commissioning of new signalling along a 10 kilometre section of track between Wiri and Papakura.

24 January 2012 1:01PM

Essential repairs and reconstruction at Kenepuru Station on the Kapiti Line have been completed, with the station reopening this morning.

13 January 2012 2:02PM

Major works were completed on the Wellington rail network while most New Zealanders were enjoying the holiday break. Hundreds of railway staff and contractors worked around the clock on programmes to improve and maintain the rail network.

13 December 2011 11:11AM

While the rest of the country is on holiday hundreds of railway staff and contractors are working around the clock on busy work programmes in Auckland and Wellington preparing the rail networks for improved commuter services and electric trains.