18 June 2015 5:05PM

Trucks that strike rail bridges create a significant risk for rail passengers and staff, as well as exposing drivers and their companies to the cost of repairs, and KiwiRail’s message is always check your height before you drive under a bridge.

27 May 2014 9:09AM

KiwiRail confirms that there has been an incident involving a train at Melling Station this morning. 

11 February 2014 10:10AM

KiwiRail and the NZ Police are alarmed at a spate of near collisions between motorists and trains at level crossings around the country and are urging drivers to obey level crossing warnings and exercise patience at level crossings. 

10 February 2014 10:10AM

Interislander’s Aratere ferry is due to depart Wellington for drydock repairs in Singapore tomorrow (Saturday 8 February). Following the break of Aratere’s propeller shaft on 5 November last year, the ship will be going to the Keppel Yard to have a new starboard shaft installed. While in drydock, the ship’s port shaft will be inspected and, if appropriate, also replaced. 

16 August 2013 4:04PM

KiwiRail is advising Tranz Metro passengers that, following this afternoon’s magnitude 6.2 earthquake, all Wellington commuter lines are closed while track inspections are undertaken to check for any damage to the rail. The Wellington Railway Station is also closed.

20 December 2012 4:04PM

“The fatal collision near Woodville yesterday is a personal tragedy and a reminder to road users and pedestrians to take extra care at level crossings,”  says KiwiRail Chief Executive, Jim Quinn.

19 December 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail and the Chris Cairns Foundation are warning people to take care around railway lines this holiday period in light of recent statistics showing that people are continuing to take unnecessary risks around the railway.

10 December 2012 10:10AM

A project which transformed New Lynn’s rail infrastructure has received the Supreme Award for New Zealand Engineering Excellence.

03 December 2012 11:11AM

Consultation with Hillside staff on the impact of changes to Hillside Workshops has been completed with the following confirmed:

30 November 2012 9:09AM

“Interislander can confirm that mediation with the Aviation and Marine Engineers Association (AMEA) and Merchant Services Guild (MSG) has concluded and a settlement has been reached. The unions have withdrawn their strike notices and our lock-out notices have been lifted.

26 November 2012 9:09AM

One of the world’s great scenic train trips has just become even better, following the introduction of KiwiRail’s brand new scenic carriages to the iconic TranzAlpine journey between Christchurch and Greymouth.

21 November 2012 9:09AM

A smoother ride for passengers and freight is just around the corner as KiwiRail’s newly commissioned rail grinder makes its way along the East Coast Main Trunk line.  The RR24M-30A Rail Grinder, owned and operated by global contractor, Speno, extends the lifespan of the track through smoothing and removing defective metal from the railhead, resulting in longer lasting rails.

16 November 2012 5:05PM

Aviation and Marine Engineers Association (AMEA) and Merchant Services Guild (MSG) have issued Interislander with strike notices.

15 November 2012 1:01PM

The future of Hillside Workshops in Dunedin has been resolved after an extensive national and international search was undertaken for potential purchasers for the site. Unfortunately that process did not result in any purchaser for the entire Hillside business.

15 November 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail apologises for disruption caused to rail commuters by two unrelated incidents on the Auckland rail network in the past 24 hours.

01 November 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail announced today the entry into a bulk fuel supply contract with Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited for the supply of diesel and associated services to KiwiRail.

26 October 2012 1:01PM

KiwiRail has recorded a 25% growth in freight revenue in just two years, Chairman John Spencer said today at KiwiRail’s Annual Public Meeting.

15 October 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail is increasing its fares for the Coastal Pacific train service between Christchurch and Picton to bring it into line with fares for the Northern Explorer and TranzAlpine trains. 

02 October 2012 10:10AM

The Napier to Gisborne line is to be mothballed due to the prohibitive costs to both repair storm damage caused earlier this year and maintain the rail line over coming years.

27 September 2012 9:09AM

Interislander is getting behind today’s World Tourism Day campaign, which encourages tourism operators around the world to play their part in introducing and promoting sustainable initiatives in the tourism sector. The campaign’s theme ‘Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development’ urges everyone involved in tourism – from governments to businesses and tourists themselves – to learn more about sustainable energy initiatives in the tourism sector.

24 September 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail has today confirmed the future structure of its Infrastructure and Engineering business.  The final decision follows KiwiRail’s June announcement that its resourcing levels would be reviewed and weeks of consultation with staff and other stakeholders across the country.  As a result, the total number of staff reductions has been revised to 158 - 23 fewer than initially planned.

20 September 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail’s new Northern Explorer train service between Auckland and Wellington will have two more stops added to the timetable at Papakura and Paraparaumu to accommodate for the large catchments of people in Auckland South and Wellington North.

10 September 2012 10:10AM

Drivers and pedestrians throughout Auckland can cross the railway tracks more safely now that all road and pedestrian level crossings on the Auckland rail commuter network have been fitted out with automatic alarm systems.  The announcement comes as upgrades to Takanini’s pedestrian level crossings, where warning bells and flashing lights were installed, were completed last week.

29 August 2012 10:10AM

KiwiRail’s progress towards becoming a sustainable business is well underway reporting revenue growth of 7.2% or almost $50 million. This includes strong revenue growth from the freight business of 15%, or approximately $60 million, and an increase in their EBITDA of 14%.

24 August 2012 12:12PM

Reports that we have something to hide because we sought an injunction to prevent media reporting on the leaked Infrastructure and Engineering Business Plan are extremely frustrating, says KiwiRail Chief Executive Jim Quinn.

17 August 2012 10:10AM

KiwiRail, the Police and Kaiapoi Borough School are urging pedestrians to use the underpass on Adderley Terrace to access the school grounds from Fuller Street and vice versa.

15 August 2012 1:01PM

Dedicated overnight rail freight services are being introduced between Auckland and Palmerston North in September.

13 August 2012 6:06AM

Interislander is celebrating half a century of moving freight and passengers across the Cook Strait, 50 years to the day since the Aramoana made her first sailing from Wellington to Picton and after considerable scepticism that Cook Strait ferries could operate successfully.

13 August 2012 6:06AM

“Use your brain, tracks are for trains” is the new safety message being delivered throughout the country for this year’s Rail Safety Week.

The campaign is aimed at reducing the amount of trespassing and improving pedestrian safety around the rail network.

08 August 2012 1:01PM

Interislander will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with staff (both past and present), passengers and freight customers on Monday 13 August – 50 years to the day since the Aramoana made its first sailing from Wellington to Picton.

06 August 2012 9:09AM

Consultations with KiwiRail’s Infrastructure and Engineering (I&E) staff across the country about proposed staff reductions will continue this week,” says Chief Executive Jim Quinn.

01 August 2012 4:04PM

Chief Executive Jim Quinn said today that KiwiRail have discovered that some imported wooden sleepers are showing signs of premature decay.

31 July 2012 3:03PM

New locomotives and wagons are becoming the new workhorses on the network and has KiwiRail strongly placed to meet  customer requirements.

31 July 2012 10:10AM


KiwiRail has been considering seeking a partner for its long-distance Scenic passenger services since April last year.

19 July 2012 1:01PM


KiwiRail is disappointed in claims being made  that the rail business  is  "...handing  Fonterra everything it wants...".

19 July 2012 8:08AM

Additional safety measures in the form of half arm barriers were installed at the Purnell Street level crossing in Wanganui this week. It is the first crossing to be upgraded by KiwiRail this financial year.

18 July 2012 4:04PM

A contract to deliver a specialised rail grinding machine to New Zealand was signed by KiwiRail and Australian firm Speno last week.

27 June 2012 11:11AM

At KiwiRail’s Annual Public Meeting in November 2011, we outlined our intention to make a change to the Balance Sheet that would reflect a standard commercial valuation approach.

25 June 2012 3:03PM

KiwiRail’s all new Northern Explorer train service was launched today, departing Britomart Station in Auckland with its first passengers.

19 June 2012 8:08AM

Wellington commuters were treated to muffins and cake as they passed through Wellington Railway Station this morning to mark the building’s 75th birthday. The Minister of Transport, Gerry Brownlee, also paid the building a visit to join in the birthday celebrations.

15 June 2012 1:01PM

On Friday afternoon a work crew near the Wellington Rail Yards were surprised to find their maintenance work was being observed by a seal who had ventured near the tracks.

06 June 2012 9:09AM

Public road level crossing collision figures have hit an all-time low as we observe International level crossing awareness day on 7 June.

01 June 2012 1:01PM

Last night KiwiRail’s Hutt Workshops took out the ACC best practice award at the Wellington Gold Awards held at the TSB Arena.

24 May 2012 9:09AM

KiwiRail’s youngest locomotive engineer (train driver), Todd Hewetson completed his trainings and taken  his first run in sole charge of a freight train  one week before his 21st birthday.

22 May 2012 2:02PM

Interislander’s innovative system for managing the carriage of dangerous goods has been announced as not only a finalist in this year’s upcoming Wellington Gold Awards but also for an International Safety at Sea award.

09 May 2012 3:03PM

A small piece of new business from Express Couriers Ltd sends a signal that KiwiRail is back in the game when it comes to time critical.

07 May 2012 10:10AM

KiwiRail’s new North Island train service, which will begin service in the middle of this year, has been given a new name – Northern Explorer.

27 April 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail has concluded its preliminary investigation into the power outage at its National Train Control Centre (NTCC) in Wellington which caused widespread disruption on the Auckland rail network yesterday afternoon.

26 April 2012 9:09AM

KiwiRail apologises for the widespread disruption on the Auckland rail network this afternoon caused by a  power outage in its National Train Control Centre in Wellington.

24 April 2012 3:03PM

KiwiRail is making changes to the train service between Wellington and Auckland to transform the service into an internationally recognised tourism product. The Overlander currently runs a daily service during summer months and three days a week during winter using carriages that are up to 60 years old.  The new service, which will be rebranded and will use new purpose built carriages, is planned to begin operation on Monday 25 June.

19 April 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail is seeking expressions of interest for the sale of our Dunedin-based Hillside Workshops business.

18 April 2012 1:01PM

Interislander’s innovative system for managing the carriage of dangerous goods has been announced as a finalist in this year’s Wellington Gold Awards.

13 April 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail engineers have completed the assessment of the damage to the Napier to Gisborne line and have reported it will cost between $3.3 and $4.3 million to repair and take approximately five months to complete.

11 April 2012 9:09AM

Over the Easter break a major milestone was achieved on the Kapiti Line with the replacement of the last stretch of old overhead wire through the tunnels south of Paekakariki, says Infrastructure and Engineering General Manager Rick van Barneveld.

10 April 2012 10:10AM

A wider Mt Wellington Highway bridge was opened to full traffic in the weekend after more than three months of rebuild works.

05 April 2012 3:03PM

From 11 May to 11 September, KiwiRail’s Coastal Pacific train service between Christchurch and Picton will operate a reduced winter timetable. The return service will run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only, which are typically the most popular days for travel.

30 March 2012 2:02PM

Additional safety measures in the form of flashing bells and alarms were installed at the Walkers Road level crossing in Rolleston this week.

30 March 2012 8:08AM

KiwiRail says it  could take a further two weeks to fully assess reinstatement options for the section of the Napier- Gisborne railway line extensively damaged by heavy rain in the region last week.

27 March 2012 2:02PM

KiwiRail is assessing reinstatement options for the section of the Napier- Gisborne railway line extensively damaged by heavy rain in the region last week.

14 March 2012 9:09AM

Interislander – the country’s leading Cook Strait ferry operator – has announced a major new partnership deal with Rowing New Zealand that will mean great rates for any crews crossing the Strait for regattas in the North Island and the South Island.

06 March 2012 9:09AM

KiwiRail will shortly begin hauling logs from Wairarapa to Wellington by rail as part of a joint venture with lower North Island forestry exporters and CentrePort.

06 March 2012 9:09AM

Further investment is to be made in the busy East Coast Main Trunk (ECMT) rail line between Hamilton and Tauranga to ensure it can continue to meet increasing customer demand for additional rail freight services.

02 March 2012 4:04PM

Due to the severe weather warning issued by the Met Service we have made the decision to cancel scheduled Interislander sailings after the 6.25pm sailing from Wellington to Picton this evening.

29 February 2012 11:11AM

KiwiRail’s core business of rail freight has experienced an 11 percent increase in revenue to over $220 million contributing to an overall business revenue increase of over five percent for the half year. The stand-out performer for freight was the Import Export (IMEX) division which recorded an increase in volume of 16 percent and a revenue increase of over 12 percent to over $61 million.

08 February 2012 10:10AM

More than eighty Interislander staff graduated with an NCEA qualification last night following an initiative by the ferry operator to help their staff complete their credits.

03 February 2012 10:10AM

As a result of extensive mechanical issues with the English Electric trains that operate on the Johnsonville line and customer calls for more service consistency, a decision has been made by Greater Wellington Regional Council and Tranz Metro to use a combination of trains and express bus services in the morning peak to assist with reduced capacity on trains until Matangi are introduced on the line on Monday 19 March.

03 February 2012 8:08AM

A brand new Morrin Road rail overbridge was opened to vehicles and pedestrians this week, 12 days ahead of schedule, to the delight of neighbouring businesses and motorists.

01 February 2012 11:11AM

The Crusaders squad are travelling on KiwiRail’s TranzAlpine train from Christchurch to Greymouth today, two days before their pre-season match with the Highlanders.

27 January 2012 12:12PM

Tickets are on sale now for a unique cruise around the stunning Marlborough Sounds to raise funds for crucial local emergency services.

27 January 2012 11:11AM

A  further milestone will be reached on the electrification of Auckland rail network this weekend with the commissioning of new signalling along a 10 kilometre section of track between Wiri and Papakura.

26 January 2012 9:09AM

KiwiRail is reminding motorists, cyclists  and pedestrians to take care at level crossings in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions now there are extra trains running between Hamilton, Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.

24 January 2012 1:01PM

Essential repairs and reconstruction at Kenepuru Station on the Kapiti Line have been completed, with the station reopening this morning.

13 January 2012 2:02PM

Major works were completed on the Wellington rail network while most New Zealanders were enjoying the holiday break. Hundreds of railway staff and contractors worked around the clock on programmes to improve and maintain the rail network.

13 December 2011 11:11AM

While the rest of the country is on holiday hundreds of railway staff and contractors are working around the clock on busy work programmes in Auckland and Wellington preparing the rail networks for improved commuter services and electric trains.