Interislander innovation a finalist in Wellington Gold Awards

18 April 2012 1:01PM

Interislander’s innovative system for managing the carriage of dangerous goods has been announced as a finalist in this year’s Wellington Gold Awards.

The system, developed and launched by Interislander last year, increases safety by ensuring dangerous goods manifests are as accurate as possible.

“We are extremely happy that ‘Passport’ has received this recognition. The system has received some great feedback from customers who use it who have praised, among other things how it saves them a lot of time," says Interislander General Manager Thomas Davis.

“In fact, we recently conducted a survey of customers using the tool and 100% of them rated the system as very good to excellent. Ninety-nine percent rated it as saving them time and 100% said it was better than the old system with time savings as the most noticeable benefit.

“All three of Interislander's vessels are equipped to transport dangerous goods, with staff trained in the safe handling of these cargoes. Each year Interislander carries approximately 1.15 billion kgs of dangerous goods including explosives through to LPG tankers to Radioactive materials.

“The ‘Passport’ system offers our customers a number of benefits like time savings but also strengthens our commitment to the safety of our customers and staff by ensuring that its as easy as possible to declare dangerous goods. While the majority of dangerous goods are transported on freight only sailings, ‘Passport’ allows us to manage that more effectively.”

Before ‘Passport’ was introduced customers wanting to carry dangerous goods were required to fill in paper based forms. Manifests were often hand written, which were hard to decipher and ununiformed in format with around five a day submitted with incorrect information.

'Passport' was designed to solve that issue and does not allow the user to submit an incomplete manifest. As customers complete the various online fields, ‘Passport’ will alert them if the information they are entering is conflicting or not permitted, e.g. a good or an amount we do not allow to be carried.

“This means that only accurate, completed forms are able to be submitted. For our customers it means that once submitted their job is done. For Interislander it means we have accurate, uniform information about the goods we are transporting, it is a win win situation.

“The importance of having accurate and easy to read manifests is paramount for us. If an emergency situation occurred onboard one of our ships carrying dangerous goods we would immediately refer to the manifest. The right information in this instance could be a life saver.”

The finalists for each Wellington Gold Award category were announced at a function last night. KiwiRail’s Hutt Workshops were also announced as a finalist for a health and safety award. The Wellington Gold Awards will be presented at an event on May 31.


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