KiwiRail apologies for Auckland commuter disruptions

26 April 2012 9:09AM

KiwiRail apologises for the widespread disruption on the Auckland rail network this afternoon caused by a  power outage in its National Train Control Centre in Wellington.

The outage, which occurred at 4 pm,  affected all radio and signals in Auckland so all trains services were halted. 

Some systems had been restored by 4.45pm which has enabled  services to and from Britomart along the Eastern Line to be resumed.

KiwiRail chief executive  Jim Quinn says KiwiRail is working closely with Veolia in order to get trains moving again.   

“Where-ever possible we are moving trains into stations so commuters have the option of  disembarking and are working to get the network operational again as quickly as possible.  We understand that at  this critical time of day this will have caused widespread disruption and we do apologise sincerely for this.”

Mr Quinn says  an urgent investigation is underway to understand the cause of the outage.  “We are taking the situation very seriously,” he said.

The outage only affected the Auckland metropolitan network and train services elsewhere in the country were operating as scheduled.


Media Contact: Jenni Austin, Senior Communications Advisor, 021 961 495