Vandals putting lives in danger by taking shortcut over the tracks

17 August 2012 10:10AM

KiwiRail, the Police and Kaiapoi Borough School are urging pedestrians to use the underpass on Adderley Terrace to access the school grounds from Fuller Street and vice versa.

“Over the last few months we have been working with the school and Police to stop a chain link fence adjacent to the railway line near the school being cut,” says Frazer Tweedie, KiwiRail Security & Corridor Manager.

“We assume this is being done so the perpetrator(s) can take a shortcut via the school fields.”

“This is extremely dangerous and irresponsible behaviour. Not only is the person doing this putting themselves in danger but also others by establishing the access.”

“In fact, a nearby resident has voiced concern that she fears her son who has special needs may use the shortcut inadvertently and get hurt.”

“There is a pedestrian underpass around 70 metres from the point the fence keeps being cut, so we are urging them to stop making and taking the shortcut.”

“This message is particularly timely this week as it is national rail safety week. The theme of this year’s campaign is to reduce the amount of trespassing and improving pedestrian safety around the rail network.”

“The school is responsible for maintaining the fence if it is damaged. In addition to being a safety risk the ongoing repairs are expensive and the school has to keep footing this bill.”

“We have, out of good will assisted with this but the ideal situation is for it to stop happening rather than having to keep patching it up.”

“The fence has not been vandalised over the last few days since the last repair job so we are hoping the vandal has gotten the message.”

“Only last month a student was tragically killed in Matamata after walking onto the track. The dangers are real, while a lot of people think they will hear or see a train coming it only takes a second of not being aware or distraction for tragedy to occur.”

Issued by KiwiRail

Media contact: Candice Johanson, Senior Communications Advisor, 021 804 906 or 04 498 3383