Interislander sailings disrupted due to weather

06 March 2015 1:01PM

Interislander is advising customers to expect delays to sailings today and over the weekend due to the severe weather that is currently moving across Cook Strait.

The weather is likely to impact on schedules over the coming couple of days. Strong winds of up to 60 knots in Picton Harbour caused the Aratere to move at its berth and this has damaged the loading ramp which is being currently assessed by Port Marlborough.

The ship itself has not been damaged.

Interislander is contacting affected customers and advising them of revised sailing times to ensure any delays to travel are minimsed. Text alerts are being sent out and people can text 322, type in ARR (arrival) or DEP (departure) for the latest estimated sailing times.

Aratere is expected to sail shortly once Port Marlborough has given safety clearance. The weather in the area is moderating and this will allow the ferries to continue operating although to a revised timetable.

Light motor vehicles are able to be loaded and disembarked from the ships but rail freight is not being carried until the port company has completed its assessment of the ramp.


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