KiwiRail supports shared paths and cycleways where they can safely be accommodated beside our tracks.

In recent years we have helped to facilitate 30 pathways around the country and are working on another 21 with councils, community groups and other stakeholders.

We know that shared pathways are great for encouraging active transport options, for reducing carbon emissions and increasing regional tourism. We are guardians of the rail corridor for future generations and encourage use of the land when it is safe for our people and the public.

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Safety first

To ensure we do keep everyone safe, our cycleways team works with planners and councils on the distance required from the rail network and any fencing and crossing requirements needed.

We have reduced our fees for this work to reflect the Government’s mode-neutral approach to transport and to help make shared pathways happen wherever they safely can.

If you would like more detail about how to work with KiwiRail on a shared pathway, contact us at


Benefits of cycleways and shared pathways

  • Encourages active modes of transport
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Improves the safety of those who would otherwise use the road
  • Reduces trespassing in the rail corridor
  • Improves rail safety through use of fences and crossings
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Cycle Map SI v4