WRRP - Wellington Region Rail Programme

A series of improvements were made to the Wellington railway system to provide more reliable passenger services. Costing more than $550 million, this was a joint programme between KiwiRail and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

In addition, Greater Wellington ordered a fleet of new electric multiple units - the Matangi trains - which were introduced from late 2010.

KiwiRail’s Infrastructure and Engineering team lead the upgrade of the existing infrastructure to accommodate the new trains, and to improve overall reliability. This includes the upgrading of the power supply, signals and station infrastructure around the Wellington area.

In addition, work was also undertaken to increase the capacity of the network. For example, all seven tunnels on the Johnsonville Line were made larger by lowering their floors. Double tracking and electrification of the North Island Main Trunk was also extended to enable regular commuter services to travel to Waikanae. This extended the reach of the metro rail system and doubled capacity on this section of line.

At the entrance to Wellington Railway Station a third main line was also installed. This has reduced delays at a bottleneck in the system where previously four main lines reduced down to just two. The new line is also bi-directional, which ensures there are two lines into the station during the busy morning peak and two lines out during the afternoon rush hour.

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