Kapiti Line

Double tracking was extended from McKays Crossing and electrification from Paraparaumu so commuter trains could travel to and from Waikanae.

Having a second track means trains can travel in both directions simultaneously which has improved the frequency of services and allow regular trips to and from Waikanae.

Additional storage for the new Matangi trains was also constructed at Paekakariki and Waikanae to allow for efficient train movements around the region. Improvements were also made to the stations at Paraparaumu and Waikanae.


From December 2008 - Initial ground preparation to widen the railway foundation to make room for a second set of tracks. In some areas the line crosses swampy land and preliminary earthworks will need to settle for up to a year before new rails can be laid. This is called ‘pre-loading'.

During 2009 - Construction of the new foundation for the wider railway, away from the pre-load areas. This included installion of steel traction poles to carry the new overhead wires needed for electrified trains.

During 2010 - Ongoing installation of traction poles. Build the rail formation - the ballast, sleepers and rail, before the overhead wires are attached and signalling equipment installed.

2010-2011 Christmas New Year holiday - The new track was completed and commissioned. Commuter train services began running to Waikanae in February 2011.

Visit the Kapiti Line works page for more information about the work currently happening on the Kapiti Line.