Wellington Station Entry

A third main line into Wellington Railway Station was installed to reduce delays for trains getting in and out of the Station.

Previously four tracks merged into two main lines in the Wellington railway yards which feed into the eight Station platforms. This created a ‘bottleneck' on the network which caused delays. Removing this bottleneck was a major enhancement to the capacity of the Wellington network.

As part of the project to install the third line the related railway signalling and power supply was also upgraded.

The new third line is bi-directional, which means in the morning peak it can be signalled to allow trains to travel into the station and in the evening peak it can be signalled to allow trains to travel out of the station.


During 2009

  • Dig foundation holes
  • Erect steel traction poles to carry overhead wires
  • Build a retaining wall near the Aotea Quay overbridge
  • Install drains for the new track
  • Start laying new track
  • Install new signalling system
  • Begin handing overhead power lines.

During 2010

  • Commission new railway signalling equipment
  • Connect the new main line into the existing tracks
  • Connect new overhead wires
  • Commission the new line into operation.


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