While a newly electrified network will result in more reliable train services, it also means there are new safety risks that people need to be mindful of.

Level crossings

The presence of overhead wires means changes for some road users at level crossings, with the introduction of height restrictions at the 31 level crossings on Auckland roads within the electrified area.

At most of level crossings, the height restriction is 5 metres, but 11 have a reduced height restriction of 4.25m. Roadside signs warn of the presence of wires and display the height restriction at that level crossing.

Road users wanting to cross a level crossing with loads in excess of sign-posted clearances, will need to obtain written permission from KiwiRail before crossing. Written permission can be obtained by contacting KiwiRail Operations Support desk on 04 474 2323 or emailing

Working around the network

If you need to undertake building, construction or maintenance activity within 10 metre rail corridor then please call us on 0800 801 070 or email Find out more here.

Click here to view the Traction Safe Working Procedures for the Auckland Network.

Living next door

KiwiRail carries out regular inspections of the network to check no vegetation is growing too close to the wires. If you have a tree on your property you want to trim and are worried it may come in contact with the wires, contact a professional arborist qualified to work around live lines.

People living next to the newly electrified rail corridor should also maintain a minimum distance of 4 metres from the wires at all times and always be mindful of the proximity to wires when moving tall objects such as ladders and poles near their boundary.