The City Rail Link: Auckland on track to a better future

Our team is taking advantage of the holiday season to make progress on the CRL. From Thursday 27 December 2018 to Monday 7 January 2019 our team will complete works in The Strand area of the Auckland rail network.

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Building the City Rail Link

KiwiRail is completing rail infrastructure works as part of wider network improvement to support the City Rail Link (CRL). The City Rail Link is the largest transport infrastructure project ever undertaken in New Zealand and Auckland’s first underground rail line.

The CRL will more than double capacity across Auckland’s rail network. It extends the existing rail line underground with a 3.45km twin tunnel up to 42 metres below the city centre and makes the downtown Britomart Transport Station a two-way station.

The extended network will connect to Albert, Vincent and Pitt Streets, cross under Karangahape Road and the Central Motorway Junction to Symonds Street and join the Western Line at Eden Terrace (at a redeveloped Mount Eden Station).

The result will be more options for passengers: more central city stations, better public transport connections, faster journeys through Britomart Station, more frequent trains right across the Auckland network. In addition, the rail network will be able carry more passengers – an estimated 54,000 peak-time passengers each hour in 2035.

The CRL is expected to be completed in 2024.

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KiwiRail’s role in this work

KiwiRail is involved in the first CRL project to be completed. We are improving access to The Strand ‘stabling yard’ in Parnell. This is the area where morning peak service trains which terminate in the city are ‘stabled’ before they come back into service for the evening peak.

Because there are two tight curves on the Newmarket branch line, access to the stabling yard is currently possible from the south only, by northbound trains using track that southbound trains would usually travel on. Improving access to the yard will eliminate the need for these manoeuvres, freeing up the network for more services once the CRL is completed.

We’re installing a new track cross-over point that allows trains to more easily access the existing Strand stabling facility, along with some track realignment and modifications to overhead line and signalling equipment.

The work will take an estimated five months and we expect to complete it in January 2019. It will be episodic in nature. Much of the work will be done during weekday hours. However there are some activities that can only be done when trains are not running.

There will be times when we need to do critical work at night or in concentrated blocks of activity when the line is shut. The work is carefully planned so wherever possible the most disruptive activities are completed during the day.

We know that closing the line is inconvenient and that construction work can disrupt people living and working along the rail corridor. We’re working hard to get this essential work done as quickly as possible and thank our rail corridor neighbours and commuters for their patience.

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