The Kapiti Line

The Kapiti Line is some of the most weather exposed on the network, in addition some of the equipment on the line is over 80 years old. We are currently working hard to replace aging infrastructure on the line including around 30 kms of overhead wire and 150 poles that support these wires.

Many of the current poles are made of timber, not the best material to withstand a sea exposed environment. We are replacing these with steel structures on new piled concrete foundations designed to modern standards that will better withstand weather and time. The end result will be a modern line that will increase the reliability of the services that use it.

We have around 30 staff working through all hours of the day and night on the Kapiti Line over the coming months undertaking work to:

  • Replace around 30km of worn and corroded overhead power lines
  • Construct, install  and fit-out with modern equipment around 150 new steel traction structures to replace a similar number of old timber poles