The Johnsonville line

The Johnsonville Line runs from Wellington Station to the northern suburb of Johnsonville via Ngaio and Khandallah. The line was originally built in the 1880s.

The 10 km line is single track over very steep terrain rising 150 m above sea level. It has seven tunnels, six bridges, three passing loops. Frequent passenger services run on the line each day stopping at eight (8) stations.

Over the last few years we completed significant upgrade work on the line in preparation for the introduction of the new Matangi trains which now run on it. [More here]

All seven tunnels on the line were made larger, by lowering the level of the track and widening the sides of the tunnels, which enabled the new and bigger trains to run. The three crossing loops were also lengthened and platforms extended, which allows longer trains to run on the line

The current Wellington Metro Upgrade Project will build on these upgrades and deliver further improvements over the next eight years. This will further improve and maintain the reliability of commuter services.

Planned work on the Johnsonville mainly relates to renewing the signals power supply system with a new modern system that will reduce faults on the line. This work is expected to occur during July and Christmas 2012.