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Auckland Metro Rail Programme

We have a big city to keep up with.

Rail patronage has soared over recent years, with Aucklanders and visitors making more than 21 million commuter rail journeys on the city’s network each year (pre-Covid). 

Six million tonnes of freight also travel on the network annually supporting our country’s critical supply chains, including to and from the two biggest ports (Ports of Auckland and Port of Tauranga).

Over the coming decade, more growth is expected. Passenger services will ramp up with the opening of the City Rail Link and freight tonnage will continue to increase.  Underpinning this is the drive to reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector as our country moves towards net zero carbon by 2050. Moving people and freight off road and onto rail, is vital to achieving this goal.

KiwiRail and Auckland Transport are working with Waka Kotahi to ensure Auckland’s rail network is up to the task.  We are working to build a network that can support more frequent and faster passenger services and greater capacity for more freight trains; that is more reliable and easier to maintain and future-proofed for further growth.

The Government is funding more than $1.5 billion to ease congestion in the busiest parts of the network, extend electrification to Pukekohe, and build new stations. At the same time KiwiRail is delivering city-wide upgrades to modernise the underlying track infrastructure which will cut delays and make the network ready for the City Rail Link. This work is addition to KiwiRail's daily essential maintenance activities that keep Auckland's rail network running safely - find out more.  

Where we are working

Our teams work around the clock, seven days a week making sure the track and other infrastructure are well maintained so rail services can continue.

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Easing congestion with a third main - Wiri to Westfield

We are easing congestion on the busiest part of Auckland's (and New Zealand's) rail network by building a third rail track alongside the two existing ones. This will allow for more passenger and freight trains, and more scheduling flexibility.

More information can be found here.

Bringing electric trains to Pukekohe

Extending the electrified network to Pukekohe will enable passengers to have a seamless ride into the city on modern electric trains that are cleaner, faster and quieter.

More information can be found here.

Drury Rail Stations

The Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme is providing funding for three new train stations for South Auckland. Combined with the extension of electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe, these will make travelling by train more accessible and appealing to those living and/or working in the area.

More information can be found here.

A modern rail network for Auckland

Rail track becomes worn over time as a result of use, in the same way that road surfaces deteriorate. 

Auckland’s rail network has seen huge growth in passenger services, on the back of investment in electrification, new electric trains and new stations. At the same time freight volumes moving to and from and around the city are also increasing.

But, along with the rest of the country, much of the underlying rail network in Auckland is old and there has been limited funding available to replace it.

We welcome funding to bring the network up to a modern metro standard that will improve the efficiency and reliability of train services. Alongside the suite of Auckland projects we are leading, modernising the network will ensure it can support the additional services to be introduced when the City Rail Link opens.

More information can be found here.