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Auckland Metro Rail Programme

Aucklanders and visitors make more than 21 million commuter rail journeys on the network in Auckland each year. The network also carries freight traffic that supports national freight supply chains, including to and from the country’s two biggest ports (Ports of Auckland and Port of Tauranga).

KiwiRail and Auckland Transport are working with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to improve passenger and inter-regional freight services.

We are working to build a network that is resilient and easily maintained, allows for more reliable passenger and freight services, and future-proofs Auckland for further demand. 

The Government has provided funding of almost $1 billion for a suite of projects to support growth. These upgrades will ease congestion on the busiest parts of the network between central Auckland and Wiri, extend the electrified rail network from Papakura to Pukekohe, add new stations at Drury, and bring the overall network up to a modern standard.


Where we are working  

To find out where we are currently working, information can be found here


Key current projects 

Wiri to Quay Park ‘Third Main’

Designed to ease congestion and improve connectivity on the busiest parts of Auckland's (and New Zealand's) rail network, building the third main is a series of projects to improve the metro network. Works are planned for Westfield and Wiri junctions, Middlemore to Wiri and in the Quay Park (Ports of Auckland) and began in late 2020. More information can be found here


Papakura to Pukekohe Electrification

Enabling commuters to have a seamless ride from Pukekohe to the rest of Auckland, extending electrification of the region's rail network will see electric trains replace diesel trains. Works to install new overhead wire and signaling systems and necessary station changes and began in late 2020. More information can be found here


Southern Stations

Southern Auckland is growing fast. Over the next 30 years, an extra 120,000 people are expected to live in the area, along with 40,000 new houses and 38,000 new jobs.

The Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme has provided funding for three new train stations for southern Auckland. Combined with the extension of electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe, this project will make travelling by train more accessible and appealing to those living and/or working in the area.

The three new stations – two at Drury and one in Paerata - will include bus interchange and park and ride facilities and will allow for connecting walking and cycle paths. New connecting roads will also be developed.

KiwiRail has worked with the Supporting Growth Alliance (Waka Kotahi and Auckland Transport) to confirm the locations of the stations and undertake community consultation on these.

You can find out more about this work here.

The intention is to integrate station construction as much as possible with the Papakura to Pukekohe (P2P) electrification project.

The planning approvals for Drury Central and Paerata stations will be processed using the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track consenting) Act 2020. For more information on this process, please visit the Environmental Protection Authority website.

The station development will be staged and we expect all three to be completed by late 2025.

Next steps

We have started to process to protect the required land and gain the necessary consents for Drury Central and Paerata stations. 

We have applied to the Minister for the Environment for these to be considered under the Covid-19 Recovery (Fast-Track Consenting) Act for designation and consenting.

Further work is being undertaken for the Drury West station.

Supporting City Rail Link

Providing a better connection between the West and central city, KiwiRail is working to ready the region's rail network for the City Rail Link (CRL) which opens in 2024. We're undertaking several projects to do this. More information can be found here.

Managing Rail Service Growth

Bringing the existing Network up to standard will see increasingly levels of general rail construction activity around the region. This work is preparing for increasing the improved service frequency expected after the City Rail Link opens. It includes renewing rail tracks, which includes new formation, drainage, sleepers and rails. 

To keep the network running smoothly as more trains increasingly use it also requires both increased coordination between train operators and more power. We are working with our key project partners to plan improvements to ensure these changing needs are provided for. 


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Being good neighbours

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We’re mindful of how work affects our neighbours and we strive to finish projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We always try to do as much of the work during weekday hours as possible. At times work is required when trains are not running (at night or during weekends and on public holidays) this allows us to reduce the amount of overall disruption.

You can find out more information on living near the rail corridor here