Track repair work

KiwiRail is carrying out an accelerated programme of work to replace and repair worn rail on Auckland's metro network.

The Auckland metro works hard with more than 22 million commuter journeys, and six million tonnes of freight travelling on the network every year.

Track becomes worn over time as a result of usage, in the same way that road surfaces deteriorate. As with roads, temporary speed restrictions are used as a precautionary measure to ensure safe operations until the track can be repaired or replaced. Track speeds have been lowered to 40 kph across the network while we carry out this work.

As we can only do the work when trains are not running, this will mean more temporary track closures.

We are working closely with Auckland Transport to arrange optimum access to the track so we can carry out the work quickly as possible and ensure the quickest transition back to normal line speeds.

We understand that the track closures and increase in journey times are frustrating for commuters and we apologise for this.  We are working to minimise overall disruption for rail passengers and for those who live and work alongside the rail corridor.

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This video explains how we are working on Auckland's network
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Getting the network back to full speed

We are planning to replace about 100 km of track across the network which is expected to take around six months.

We are carrying out the work in a way that enables a progressive return to normal line speeds and that allows Auckland Transport to provide advance notice to train users about which areas of the network are scheduled for temporary closure.  

We have agreed with Auckland Transport that a programme of rolling four-week line closures across the network is the best and most efficient way to progress the work over the coming months.

A four-week temporary line closure allows us complete all necessary work in each section in the shortest time possible. By comparison, the same work done piecemeal at nights or over weekends would take months to complete, prolonging the overall disruption.

Like you, we are looking forward to the work being finished and a more reliable and resilient network for Auckland.


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