Kapiti Line

Much of the work to bring the Kapiti Line up to a modern standard has already been completed, to allow for longer faster trains, and more services to meet growing commuter demand. This work began in 2008 and include an extension to the double tracking, upgraded station facilities, improved signalling and installation of modern overhead power system. 


What is the Plimmerton Station upgrade?

KiwiRail and Greater Wellington Regional Council are working together to upgrade the rail network across the Wellington region. This includes improvements to Plimmerton Station to allow more trains to operate, catering for projected population growth over the next 25 years. The works we’re carrying out will allow trains to turn around at Plimmerton. It will mean that trains that currently run from Wellington to Porirua can be extended to Plimmerton, which will help with capacity in peak traffic times.

Download Plimmerton Station upgrade flyer

When is it happening?

Work started in early 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in early 2023.

PACE 5 v2

This concept video shows you how the upgraded station will look.

What does the work involve?

The work involves building an additional platform and realigning some of the rail tracks. We will also be making safety improvements. This includes upgrades to the Steyne Avenue and Pascoe Avenue level crossings to comply with current international safety and signalling standards.

We will also be removing the existing pedestrian crossing located at the south end of the platform. The underpass will be extended, with the ceiling height increased in one section, and earthquake strengthened.

Once the work is done, you’ll see improved level crossings, a new platform and shelter, an improved underpass, and more trains. Pedestrian access to the station platforms will change over the next two years. We will be communicating those changes clearly to make sure people enter and exit the station safely.

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Will train services be affected?

We generally aim to work at times when commuter demand is lower, such as weekends and evenings. This isn’t always possible because we sometimes need more time than those periods allow for. During the Plimmerton Station works, some trains may be affected. Any service disruption will be communicated to you well ahead of time.


What are the key stages?

In 2021

• Utility services relocation

• Installation of new traction masts for the overhead wiring

• New track alignment at Steyne Avenue level crossing and to the south

• Subway extension and seismic strengthening


In 2022

• Continued track work from Steyne Avenue through to north of the station

• Partial removal of the existing pedestrian crossing at the south end of the platform to comply with design and safety standards

• New platform and track

• Pedestrian level crossing upgrades at Steyne Avenue and Pascoe Avenue


Station access

The last major stage of the works will take place during the December 2022 - January 2023 Christmas holiday period, when we can get a lot done during a quieter time for commuter traffic. Over the course of the project, public access to the station will change. Maps are provided below with details.


For more information, contact us at wgtnupgrade@kiwirail.co.nz