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Wiri to Quay Park

Designed to ease congestion on Auckland's rail lines and improve links to key freight hubs, the Wiri to Quay Park project encompasses three separate work streams in the Auckland Metro rail network.

These streams will:

  • Enhance the Ports of Auckland freight yard rail access to the main line by providing a dedicated arrival/departure access road at Quay Park;
  • Improve rail freight access in the Westfield Yard from Ports of Auckland by providing an offline waiting area for trains at Westfield Junction;
  • Improve capacity on the main line by providing an additional track and associated infrastructure along the Third Main between Wiri and Westfield. This will allow more frequent passenger and freight services.
Wiri To Quay Park Rail Timeline


  • Creating more capacity eliminates the need for freight trains to cross over main lines in the busy metro section, leading to reduced commuter delays and fewer restrictions on freight movements.
  • Improved capacity to move freight between Ports of Auckland and Wiri.
  • Improved efficiencies, reliability and journey times for both freight and passenger fleets.
  • Decreased congestion as Auckland's population continues to grow.
  • In the future, the Third Main will help create capacity on export routes, particularly Auckland - Tauranga and Auckland - Wellington.