Bringing electric trains to Pukekohe

The Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme has granted $371 million to extend the electrification of Auckland’s metro rail network from Papakura to Pukekohe. This means people travelling from Pukekohe will no longer need to switch trains at Papakura and will enjoy faster, quieter and cleaner journeys in modern electric trains.

By encouraging people to use public transport rather than private vehicles, electrifying more of the network will reduce carbon emissions.

The project will:

  • extend the overhead power system from Papakura to Pukekohe
  • upgrade the existing track, signals and level crossings across this 19km section of the Southern Line
  • redevelop Pukekohe Station.

Electrifying the line

To electrify the railway Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) is being installed alongside and above the existing track.

Work to install supporting masts and overhead electrical lines is currently underway, with structures being built 40-50m apart along the route. It will be very similar to those already in place north of Papakura.

Any changes to station access or parking will be clearly signposted. Some work can only be carried out while the track is closed, Auckland Transport will operate bus replacements at these times. 

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Stay safe, stay away

There are many benefits to electrification of the track, but overhead electric lines carry 25,000 volts of electricity - this is 100 times more powerful than the electricity in your home.

Electricity can arc (jump) across gaps or pass through objects and water. If you come too close, or touch these lines, it will cause serious injury or death.

Never try to touch the lines, throw anything at them or dangle items from bridges above them.

If you have children, make them aware of the dangers. Never play with kites, balloons or other high reaching items near overhead lines.

A height restriction of 5 meters is now in place at all level crossings and is clearly signposted. Motorists in vehicles or towing loads that exceed these restrictions should choose an alternative route or contact us on 04 474 2323 for advice.

If you live next to the rail tracks:

  • Be aware of your distance from the lines if you are working at your property boundary. Always keep at least a 4 metre distance.
  • Be careful when water blasting at your boundary – direct the water down.

You may require a KiwiRail permit if:

  • You want to trim a tree on your property and are concerned it may come into contact with the lines or infrastructure. 
  • You want to construct scaffold within 8 metres of the lines. 
  • If you plan to use machinery with moving parts and might encroach on the minimum 4 metre distance.

For more information about permits, email us at 

Redeveloping Pukekohe Station

Introducing electric trains to Pukekohe will mean more services and longer trains. KiwiRail is working closely with Auckland Transport to build a modern public transport interchange and support Auckland Transport’s redevelopment plans around Pukekohe Station.

Works will include:

  • A new platform layout to accommodate longer trains. Initially platforms will serve six-car trains with an option to extend them to nine-car trains in the future
  • Removing the existing station building and building modern passenger facilities to complement the bus interchange
  • Installing new structures that will support the overhead lines and changing the track layout for trains to pass easily and safely through the station area
  • Building new electric train stabling.
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Keeping commuters moving

Pukekohe Station is closed while it’s being redeveloped. As there is no Pukekohe to Papakura train service, bus replacements will be in place. This is so the electrification project can be completed safely and on time. Expect trains at any time in either direction on this section of rail however as freight and other inter-regional services still run.

For information about the bus services, visit AT's webpage

Keeping in touch with our neighbours

We understand our work is likely to cause some disturbance for people living and working along the rail corridor. We will work to both minimise impacts and give our neighbours notice of works so they can plan around them. The machinery we use can create noise, vibration and dust. At times we use lights for safety, these are visible during night work.

When we have major works near you we will:

  • Share our plans and progress
  • Ensure you can reach us with your questions
  • Work during the day whenever possible
  • Work as quickly and quietly as we can

In early 2021 KiwiRail, Supporting Growth and Auckland Transport held on-line and drop-in sessions to share our plans for extending electric train service and planned new stations. A video of KiwiRail's session can be watched here: KiwiRail's presentation and an overview of questions and answers are available here. For the Supporting growth presentation visit here.

Got a query about rail construction in your area?

We will work to keep disturbance to a minimum and appreciate your patience as we carry out this work.

Upgrading the rail network is a challenging project. It is important we keep our work crew, neighbours and rail users safe during construction. We do as much as possible without disrupting rail services, but some work can only be done when no trains are running. We aim to find a balance that minimises overall disruption for rail customers and our neighbours.

Please contact us on 0800 801 070 (after hours extn 43042) or email us at To receive future work notifications by email, please contact us with your details (including your physical address) or regularly visit our current work sites page.