Looking after the network

Looking after the network is an important part of what we do.

We own and maintain New Zealand’s rail network. The day-to-day activities we carry out across the country keep our network running smoothly for freight customers and rail passengers.

Maintaining infrastructure

Our Network Services team support our operations and project teams by making sure every part of our infrastructure – from signals and power supplies to assets like track and bridges – is maintained and in good working order. A number of major projects to improve rail infrastructure are also underway.  

We’re responsible for:

  • Almost 4000 km of track
  • 1500 level crossing used by the public
  • More than 1300 bridges and 100 tunnels


Watch this video to learn more about how we look after the rail network:

Keeping trains on the move

Our Network Access and Control team keep KiwiRail moving safely by directing train movements across New Zealand’s rail network.

Each week, we manage the movement of:

  • 900 freight trains
  • 2500 metro trains in Auckland
  • 2000 metro trains in Wellington

It is safety critical work directing every movement on the network – from freight and passenger trains, to infrastructure maintenance or upgrade activities, and third parties accessing the network.