Filming and photography

This page provides guidance for taking photos or filming at stations and for commercial enquiries to film on our rail and ferry network.

A word about safety

KiwiRail puts the safety of its staff, passengers and the public first. While railways are extremely photogenic, they can also be dangerous places to take pictures. KiwiRail does not support the creation or publication of images where people enter the rail corridor to use rail track, tunnels or bridges as a creative backdrop, or any images that glamorise trespass on the network or suggest it is acceptable.  Trespassing is the leading cause of rail deaths, and is also illegal.  Rail safety organisation TrackSAFE NZ recently launched a campaign to counter this trend: Read more 

To film or photograph in or near the rail network or on KiwiRail property, you require KiwiRail’s formal permission. In most cases you will need to obtain a Permit to Enter from KiwiRail and meet the associated costs of planning and facilitating safe access.

The Permit will allow you to safely work within the applied location and time. For more information, see the Permit to Enter web page.

Stop track photography
Trespassing in the rail corridor to take photos or videos on train tracks is dangerous and illegal.

Filming on our Great Journeys NZ tourism services or Interislander ferries

Passengers are welcome to use hand-held cameras for private purposes on our ferries and scenic train services, but those looking to film for commercial purposes need formal permission. Drones are not allowed.

For more information and to request permission, please click here.


Filming or taking photos in a commuter train or on a platform/station

In Auckland:

  • Passenger carriages and platforms/stations are owned by Auckland Transport.
  • You will need permission from Auckland One Rail and Auckland Transport to film on trains.
  • You will need permission from KiwiRail to film on the rail network. For more information contact our Permit and Protection Team.

In Wellington:

  • Passenger carriages and platforms/stations are owned by Greater Wellington Regional Council.
  • You will need permission from GWRC to film.
  • You will need permission from KiwiRail to film on the rail network. For more information contact our Permit and Protection Team.

Activities at Wellington Railway Station

The Wellington Railway Station has been used for films and TV commercials and has been the backdrop for wedding shoots. The station provides a unique venue for performances, product launches, and promotions.

It is private property managed by KiwiRail and anyone wishing to film or hold an activity inside the station itself requires our permission.

Apply to use station
Please read the guide to activities at Wellington Railway Station: View guide here

To apply please complete this online form: Application for Activities at Wellington Railway Station

Costs and processing time
A fee will be charged for use of the area. This will include costs for venue hire and may also include security, utility and building charges. A quote will be provided after receipt of the completed application form.

Processing of applications may take up to two (2) weeks from receipt of the completed application form and required documents.

To check the progress of your application, please email 

Media filming enquiries

Like members of the public, media personnel are not permitted to enter the rail corridor without permission from KiwiRail. Please contact KiwiRail’s Media Team to discuss your proposal: email

A commercial is filmed in Wellington Railway Station
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