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About us

We move freight and people by rail and sea, and we are stewards of New Zealand's rail network.

As a state-owned enterprise, we operate a rail freight, ferry, property and tourism business. We also operate public transport services for councils. That's our "Above Rail" function - our business. Our business is being recapitalised to renew our commercial assets, supporting our pathway to self-sufficiency from 2024/25.

We own and maintain the national rail network infrastructure. That's our "Below Rail" function - our network. Our network is now fully funded through the National Land Transport Fund, supported by the Crown and track-user charges.

We’re a national employer of 4500 with a presence in communities stretching throughout New Zealand, and we proudly provide services to many companies.

We deliver significant economic benefits to New Zealand by taking trucks off the road, reducing carbon emissions and road maintenance costs, easing congestion in cities and making roads safer.

KiwiRail trains and ferries transport more than a million passengers every year (pre-COVID), we enable more than 20 million low-carbon commuter journeys and transport 25 percent of New Zealand’s export goods.

We’re part of New Zealand’s history and part of its future. For more than 150 years and counting, rail connects New Zealand communities, delivers goods and people around the country and showcases our spectacular scenery to the world.

Stronger Connections, Better New Zealand

KiwiRail’s purpose is Stronger Connections, Better New Zealand. We are:

  • Connected to our customers and the future needs of their businesses
  • Connected to the communities we serve and operate in
  • Connected to each other, for the good of the country.

Stronger Connections, Better New Zealand epitomises the way KiwiRail connects people, networks, journeys, experiences and ways of working that move our customers, the transport system and New Zealand forward. It reflects the critical role rail plays in delivering sustainable and inclusive growth for our customers, our communities and our people.

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Our values

Underlying this purpose are the values our people live by every day.

  • We are Straight and True: honest, upfront and treating others with respect.
  • We Care and Protect: we look after ourselves, our mates and our environment.
  • We work as One Winning Team: positive, empowered and collaborative.
  • Which helps us deliver Great Customer Experiences as we go the extra mile.