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Rail in New Zealand

For more than 150 years, rail in New Zealand has connected communities, delivered goods and people around the country and showcased our spectacular scenery to the world.

In the 1800s engineers designed a rail network that could operate in New Zealand’s uncompromising landscape, building wooden infrastructure to carry the steel tracks that ran across swamps, mountains, forest and rivers, connecting otherwise isolated communities and industries to market.

That mission hasn’t changed though the way we deliver it has. Our history is one of adapting to meet customers’ needs and evolving as global supply chains change.

Stronger Connections

KiwiRail’s purpose Stronger Connections, Better New Zealand speaks to the critical role rail plays in delivering sustainable and inclusive growth for our customers, our communities and our people.

Our trains and ferries transport more than a million visitors every year, enable 34 million low-carbon commuter journeys and transport 24% of New Zealand’s export goods. We take trucks off the road, reduce carbon emissions and congestion in our cities and help prevent injuries and fatalities on the roads.

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Our ambition

Making that happen are our 3,600 people in 50 towns and cities who are united behind our values – Straight and True; Care and Protect; Great Customer Experiences and One Winning Team.

Our people are key to a fast changing future - we are growing in regional New Zealand, adding new tourism services, developing intermodal freight hubs around the country and building bigger, faster ferries. Technology is at the forefront of our strategy though our heart is always with our customer.

Our ambition? To be loved by all for the greater good we deliver with every journey. It’s a bold plan that includes the goal of delivering $3 billion in value to New Zealand every year, being carbon neutral by 2050 and an ambitious plan for New Zealand’s transport future.