Wairarapa update: Level crossing upgrades and closures

Last month we released the independent report recommending which of the 30 level crossings across the Wairarapa could be upgraded, and which needed to close.

With more trains on the lines moving at faster speed, it’s essential that KiwiRail looks at safety and continues to satisfy NZTA regulations by providing a safe operation ‘So Far As is Reasonably Practical’. We were able to reduce the number originally earmarked for closing from 7 to 5.

This includes keeping Pembroke Street level crossing in Carterton open, and moving Judds Road, which does need to close, to the very end of the work schedule to give Masterton District Council time to secure funding for the road changes needed to keep it open. 

We are in the process of finalising the level crossing work programme. Currently we are:

  • Beginning talks with Masterton District Council about the process and possible timeframes for designing and building the changed roading layout at Judds Road. We will proceed with the level crossing design on the assumption that it will remain open. 
  • Finishing up work on the Fitzherbert level crossing in Featherston by completing work on the pedestrian maze at the north end of the crossing over Easter.
  • Digging trenches ready for laying signalling cables along the entire length of railway line between Featherston and Masterton. At present we are trenching along a rural section in Carterton, and over Easter we will be working underneath the Matarawa Rd and Moffats Rd crossings.