Planned works

We plan essential maintenance work carefully to keep the rail network running smoothly. 

We also schedule in the time needed for work to improve the network.

Trains run 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so sometimes our planned engineering work can disrupt train passengers and freight customers.

We plan our work in a way that minimises overall disruption. In Auckland and Wellington, we work with the metro operators to plan for maintenance and improvement works, up to 12 months in advance.


Temporary line closures

Often, our teams carry out work overnight and over weekends or public holidays when the network is less busy.

More intense work may require us to close a line for 24 hours or more while we carry out the work efficiently and safely. For example, complete track replacements including new foundations, sleepers, ballast stone and rail.

Extended closures maximise productivity for KiwiRail teams working on site and mean we can complete a larger programme of work.

When there is a line closure over a longer period, such as the December/ January holidays we co-ordinate hundreds of workers to carryout maintenance and improvements at dozens of sites.

Our major network upgrades would take years longer to complete without the ability to work during public holiday weekends or annual holiday periods.

Thank you for your patience. We understand any line closures or journey delays are frustrating. Our work will provide a better and more reliable rail network.

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