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Sustainability is central to our purpose of creating stronger connections for a better New Zealand.

KiwiRail plays a critical role in New Zealand’s transport system and in the health of the economy, our communities and the natural environment.

We value intergenerational wellbeing in our social, environmental and economic decision-making and we are guardians of the rail corridor for future generations.

Rail is a sustainable mode of transport with every tonne of freight carried by rail having 66% fewer carbon emissions than heavy road freight. Our trains take trucks off the road, reduce road maintenance costs and mean fewer fatalities and injuries on the roads.

Helping New Zealand grow

KiwiRail boosts regional economies increasing productivity and creating jobs through delivering goods to people and ports and bringing tourists to region towns and cities.

Safety is our top priority for our people and public. We are committed to getting everyone home safely every day.

KiwiRail is committed to working with others to realise opportunities for a sustainable future.

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Rail has a natural advantage as an energy efficient mode of transport, and generates 66% fewer emissions than heavy road freight transport.

Our Strategy

We have ambitious goals for how we can contribute to a better New Zealand and have identified where we can make a meaningful difference:

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KiwiRail plays a critical role in New Zealand’s transport system and has much to offer New Zealand in the transition to a low emissions future.

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KiwiRail plays a critical role in sustainably growing the prosperity of New Zealand and in boosting regional economies.

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KiwiRail has 3600 employees spread across 50 towns and cities in New Zealand, and is conscious of the role we play in communities.

A Sustainable Future with KiwiRail

A sustainable business contributes to a vibrant, clean economy that works for people, profit and the planet over the long term. KiwiRail has much to offer New Zealand in the transition to a low emissions economy and providing a prosperous future for all.  

Sustainability is at the heart of KiwiRail’s business because it: 

  • Acknowledges the importance of our stakeholders and customers, guiding actions to meet their needs and build strong, enduring relationships.
  • Helps future proof our business by providing a long term view of risks and opportunities, informing smart investment and minimising business disruption.
  • Drives the efficient use of resources and guides responsible environmental stewardship.
  • Builds a trusted brand for our people and our future workforce.
  • Contributes to responsible economic development in regional communities bringing benefits to all New Zealanders.

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