Permit to Enter

Permit to Enter

A Permit to Enter is required for any work that is within, or that may impact on, our rail operational areas. You can apply online for a Permit to Enter, or to renew your Permit to Enter, through the Permits and TARs Portal. 


Poster: Do I need to apply for a Permit to Enter?



To apply for a permit, CLICK HERE

Please ensure that you supply a Purchase Order or Credit Card details on the form. 

Failure to have a current Permit to Enter when in the rail corridor is a breach of s73(1) and (2) and s75 of the Railways Act 2005.

For safety reasons, all rail protection is booked and managed by KiwiRail’s National Protection Team.

Best practice guidance: 

1. WorkSafe guidance for road workers working near the rail corridor

2. Traffic management considerations (decision chart)


Essential information is provided on the following pages:

- Required documentation

- Permit and Protection costs

- Additional Permits

- Track Access Requests

- Training and Inductions

- Permit Office Details


When a Permit to Enter is NOT required

In the following situations a Permit to Enter is not required:

  • A contractor who is quoting to undertake work for KiwiRail (not for a third party)
  • Personnel directly employed by KiwiRail
  • Works being carried out under the direct supervision and control of KiwiRail

Under these circumstances, there must be direct KiwiRail supervision and control for the duration of the visit. The responsible KiwiRail person must always be present.  Visual inspection and measurements are permitted, but there must be no physical works or taking of samples. 

Where work is proposed within five metres of live rail in KiwiRail facilities (including RSAS Mechanical Facilities), KiwiRail will assess whether a Permit to Enter is required. Site safety permits issued and supervised by the site may also be required.


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