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With 18,000 hectares of land across the country, KiwiRail is one of New Zealand’s largest landowners.

We take our role as guardian of New Zealand’s rail corridor seriously. We work hard to:

  • use our land wisely to run a safe and efficient rail network 24/7 to meet our customers’ needs
  • be a good neighbour to the many people and businesses living and working nearby.

We support development next to the rail corridor provided it does not affect our operations. Where we are not using land for our operations we are happy to consider other uses. We prefer to use railway land in ways that support freight and passenger rail traffic. However, we also consider other temporary uses such as grazing livestock, beautifying the rail corridor or developing cycleways.

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Find information on railway land using KiwiRail's Property View Map. You can search information regarding KiwiRail's land ownership boundaries and assets.