Boundaries and fencing

Under the Fencing Act 1978, KiwiRail is not required to contribute to the costs of erecting or maintaining fences along the rail corridor. This is similar to councils which own land with road frontages.

KiwiRail may fence some parts of the rail network, to keep the railway safe from trespassers and vandals. However, some of our fencing may not be suitable to keep animals, like pets and livestock, off the railway.

If we have to remove plants and trees to maintain our fences, we work with conservation and environmental experts to avoid harming native wildlife.

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Your obligations

You must check your property’s legal boundaries and make sure:

  • fences match the survey boundary for your land
  • buildings or other structures are within the property boundary.

Previous owners may have encroached on (or occupied) railway land. Your lawyer, a registered surveyor or local council can advise you where your boundary is.

For safety reasons, your property’s rail boundary should be fenced, particularly if you:

  • have children
  • have pets
  • are a farmer. By law, farmers must stop stock entering the railway corridor.