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KiwiRail and its contractors are always working to maintain and upgrade Wellington's rail network. Our teams try to keep disturbance to a minimum, but sometimes you will notice work going on in your area. 

This page lists significant upcoming short-term activity and disruption in the Wellington region. (Short-notice maintenance jobs to keep the trains running safely are not usually listed here.) 


Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

During the 2023/24 Christmas network shutdown (26 December 2023 – 14 January 2024) we will be taking advantage of the quieter holiday period to make significant progress across the network. Read on for details or click below to jump to each section.

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OLE Wellington


What’s happening?

  • We will make progress on our project to completely replace the signalling equipment at the station and in the station approaches.
  • We will start work on 26 December and work every day (and most nights) until midnight on 7 January.
  • We’re doing track work on Platforms 8 and 9.
  • In the station approaches we’re installing a turnout (where trains can move from one track to another) and doing some foundation work.
  • We’ll also be working on the overhead lines.

What's the impact of the works?

  • We’ll need to fence off part of Platform 9, so please follow signage carefully when making your way to bus replacement services.
  • We will need to work nights to make sure we can get everything done.
  • Some of the work will be noisy, including beeping trucks as they reverse and a tamping machine that packs down the ballast under the tracks.

WAIRARAPA LINE - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024


  • We will begin upgrading the Fitzherbert St level crossing.
  • We will start work at midnight on 4 January and finish in the early hours of 8 January. We will work 24/7 to get the job done.
  • We will be using cranes and trucks. Some of the work will be noisy, including beeping trucks as they reverse. We will also use temporary lighting while we work at night.
  • Both vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be diverted during this time, and the bus stops near Quinwah Takeaways will be temporarily moved. Please follow any signs and instructions.

Tunnels & Maymorn Station

  • From 26 December to 14 January, we will be working day and night inside both tunnels. 
  • We will replace the rails, sleepers and ballast inside the Maoribank Tunnel.
  • We will carry out drainage work in the Remutaka Tunnel. This is the first step in the Remutaka Tunnel track replacement programme, which will be completed during the Christmas 2024/25 shutdown. 
  • Maymorn Station will act as our project hub while we prepare for and carry out this work.

Woodside Station

  • We are beginning construction of a new passing loop. 
  • We will work from 5 January until 14 January. This will be daytime work only.
  • Work in this area will continue throughout 2024.


  • We will replace the old wooden rail bridge near Matarawa (Bridge 56) with a modern concrete bridge.
  • This will largely be daytime work.

KAPITI LINE - Dec 2023 / Jan 2024


What’s happening?

  • We will be completing the Plimmerton Station project, which provides a third main line and platform at the station. KiwiRail and its contractors (Downer, Siemens and John Holland) will be doing a mix of track, signals and overhead line works.
  • We will start work on 26 December and work around the clock until 7 January.
  • Pedestrian access to the new platform over the footbridge by Mainline Steam will be completed by mid-February.

What’s the impact of the works?

  • Some of the 24-hour work will be noisy, including beeping trucks as they reverse, vibrating rollers, and a tamping machine that packs down the ballast under the tracks.
  • The Domain car park will be closed to vehicles, but pedestrian access will remain open.
  • Replacement buses will go from Douglas Close (visit Metlink to find out more about services).
  • The station underpass will remain open.

Before the Christmas shutdown:

  • Every Sunday between 1 October and December, our contractor Downer will be moving materials to the area near Mainline Steam in preparation for the significant Christmas works planned at and around Plimmerton Station. This is daytime activity.


  • We will be replacing Bridge 23, a rail bridge halfway between Paekākāriki and the SH1 exit to Queen Elizabeth Park.
  • We will be working days and nights.
Ngaio works

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