Drury Rail Stations

The stations

The Government, through the New Zealand Upgrade Programme, has provided funding for three new train stations between Papakura and Pukekohe. The stations, which are expected to be completed from 2025, will be located at Drury, Drury West and Paerātā. We are currently seeking feedback on Drury Railway Station and Paerātā Railway Station.

Planning approvals were granted for Paerātā Railway Station and Drury Railway Station in early 2022 and planning approvals are currently being sought for Ngākōroa Railway Station.  To help connect with local residential areas, each of the stations will include a bus interchange, park and ride facilities as well as walking and cycle paths. Up to 350 car parks at both Drury Railway Station and Paerātā Railway Station will be provided and up to 200 car parks at Ngākōroa Railway Station.  The expectation is that people driving to the stations will live throughout a wide area including North Waikato as well as towns and the rural areas to the west and east.

New road accessways will also be developed which will connect the stations with adjacent arterial roads. Waka Kotahi has projects on these arterial roads which will improve access to existing and future residential areas. The three stations are being future proofed to provide for a number of elements including space for additional rail tracks and longer platforms for nine car trains.

Public consultation on Drury Railway Station and Paerātā Railway Station

KiwiRail sought feedback from the public on the designs on the road accessway and car parks for Drury and Paerāta stations. Public consultation is now closed and the team are going through submissions. Below are maps of the designs we consulted on for the two stations.

We are working closely with our Mana Whenua partners on the design of the stations including reflecting the history of the local area in the design of the station buildings. We will continue to work with Mana Whenua partners as we finalise all aspects of the project.

Drury Railway Station

This map shows the proposed road access and car park layout for Drury Railway Station.

Drury Map for Terri
Paerātā Railway Station

This map shows the proposed road access and car park layout for Paerātā Railway Station.

Paerata Station map

What will we do with your feedback?

We have to consider a number of things when designing the rail stations. Feedback from the local community is one of a number of factors we have to consider before making final decisions.

We will consider all points made from the public and then go back to all submitters to tell them what decisions have been made.


Construction timeline

Construction of Drury Railway Station and Paerātā Railway Station will start in 2023. Subject to obtaining planning approvals, construction of the Drury West Station is expected to start in late 2023. Construction of all three stations is anticipated to be completed from 2025.

Artist's impression of Drury Railway Station (indicative only and subject to change)
Artists impression of Drury Central station 1
Artist's impression of Paerātā Railway Station (indicative only and subject to change)
Artists impression of Paerata station

Reducing emissions by improving public transport.

Offering safe, accessible and low-carbon travel choices is at the heart of the long-term strategic transport network for the area. 

The future network integrates all modes of transport, however the focus is on public transport as well as walking and cycling infrastructure. Encouraging people to use public transport rather than private vehicles will reduce carbon emissions making a positive contribution to decarbonisation of transport in Auckland.

In addition to walking and cycling paths, the stations will be serviced by local buses. 

The stations will use the Infrastructure Sustainability Council framework. For more information, please read the Sustainability Procurement Policy and the Sustainability Policy here.


Naming the stations

The New Zealand Geographic Board (NZGB) is the Government agency responsible for naming railway stations. KiwiRail submitted to the NZGB the following names for consideration which were gifted from Mana Whenua.  

(Te) Maketuu Station (Drury Central)

Ngaakooroa Station (Drury West)

Paeraataa Station (Paerata)

The NZGB considered the KiwiRail proposal and after considering public feedback has confirmed the following names for the stations:

  • Drury Railway Station (Drury Central)
  • Ngākōroa Railway Station (Drury West)
  • Paerātā Railway Station (Paerata)


Population growth in Southern Auckland

Southern Auckland -  the area of Auckland south of Papakura -  is growing fast. Over the next 30 years an extra 100,000 people will call it home.

Combined with KiwiRail’s project to extend of electrification from Papakura to Pukekohe, the three new stations will make travelling by train more accessible and appealing to those living and working in the area.

KiwiRail is working with partner agencies Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi on creating a cohesive transport network in Southern Auckland for the anticipated population growth. The objective is to build the transport infrastructure ahead of the population growth to reduce traffic congestion, carbon emissions and make it easier to move around.

Bike users boarding train crop2