Auckland Rail Programme Business Case

The Auckland Rail Programme Business Case was jointly developed by KiwiRail and Auckland Transport across 2021-23.

It is a holistic assessment of the whole system of rail in Auckland and has developed the Strategic Rail Programme that will provide the reliability, resilience and room for growth that is needed to support the needs of all its users.

It also creates a long-term vision for the rail network in Auckland, encompassing its local, regional and national contexts.

The Auckland Rail Programme Business Case and associated documents are available via the adjacent links. These include the “Rail Story” which is a high-level pre-read, and a summary of its outcomes as presented at the New Zealand Rail Conference in November 2023.

The Programme Business Case documents can be accessed via the following links:

Programme Business Case Appendices

Appendix A_Summarised metro demand analysis 
Appendix B_Detailed metro service capacity analysis 
Appendix C_Role of Ports
Appendix D_Freight service constraints
Appendix E_Strategic Alignment
Appendix F_Project dependencies and interfaces
Appendix G_Options Development Report Part 1
Appendix H_Options Development Report Part 2
Appendix I_Economic Assessment Methodology
Appendix J_Appraisal Summary Tables
Appendix K_Capital Cost Report
Appendix L_Additional P95 capital cost summaries
Appendix M_Risk Register
Appendix N_Uncertainty Log